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Zumba dance Benefits for Weight Loss; Let’s find Out

Till now, we were only aware of the fact that exercising can help to lose weight. Exercises are just physical works that lead to increase in body metabolism and energy burn that in turn may lead to fat breakdown. People who follow an exercising routine either do exercising at home or go to the gym. Have you ever considered dancing as a way to lose weight? It must have struck your mind at once – “Oh!!, that can be a delightful way to lose weight.”

Dancing is a physical exercise that can be done to lose fat from your body and that too, without even feeling that you were doing any physical exercise. Zumba is a dancing pattern that has been specially designed to help people lose weight. Earlier to this, there were no such concepts that would lead to weight loss through dancing. So, it was a new concept that made many people get interested in it. People who had an interest in dancing felt it a much better option.

Zumba Dance Weight Loss

Zumba is a simple and easy to follow the dancing process that you can adopt in your life. It is based on the format of interval training exercises. This is a combination of hard exercises mixed with low-intensity exercises. This combination brings change in intensity, and your body responds better to it, and this type of exercise is considered much better for calorie burning process.

Generally, it is done in a group, and there is an instructor whose duty is to help all the fellows of the group to be in rhythm and participate in the dancing. This dance has straightforward steps that can be followed by even a person who has no idea about dancing or who had no interest in dancing. The level of intensity at which you are exercising may also vary and may depend on your comfort level with the dancing steps. If you have got well acquainted with the steps and feel that you can do it fast, you can increase your intensity. However, your trainer would probably tell you the right way to do it.

Salsa is a popular dance style that you must be well acquainted with. This dance form is used in the Zumba weight loss dance. The dance step begins with both the feet together. The steps are done to the count of four. The person needs to step right and then repeat the same to complete the four movements. Do the same with your left foot. You can also add some movements to the dancing style as per your choice. If you want to give some motion to your hips, you can sway it bending your knees or so, as per your comfort.

Merengue and Cumbia Zumba for Weight Loss

Another popular dance form that is used in Zumba weight loss is the Merengue. This is a straightforward dance form as it only includes marching at a single place. Just stand with your feet a few inches apart to each other and then bring your knees as high as you can. Keep on marching. More you lift your knees, more vigorous exercise you are doing, and you may burn more amount of calories.

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Cumbia is another dance that can be used in Zumba dance. It is a dance step in which you take a long step forward and then go back. Simultaneously, you have to rotate yourself on the other legs between each gap of your movement forward and back. Both your legs should do this step.

The Zumba dance steps comprise of easy to follow dance steps, and anyone can do it without taking much pain. It generally includes some known dance forms involved in dancing. So, if you are not good at dancing and want to follow this weight loss procedure, you can go for it without fearing about anything. This is a really easy and enjoyable way to lose weight. Moreover, if you follow these exercises regularly, you will be able to keep yourself motivated.

Zumba Dance for Beginners

If you are new to Zumba exercises, you need to start slower. The primary class would be better for you as it includes the initial understandings of the dancing procedure and allows yourself to get familiarised with the songs and the beats. This makes you get into the rhythm when you are dancing. Some classes teach you the necessary steps first so that you get to know the basic moves that you need to do in most of the cases. They may also provide you with some videos and website links where you may get to learn more. In the initial stage, make the samba moves for 5 minutes and then use the basic back and forward moves. Further, you can switch to the meringue dance step.

Zumba is really easy to follow weight loss exercising procedure. The best thing about it is that it is not like the strenuous exercises that you may need to do at the gym. This exercise involves dancing, and you may enjoy it. It can be a better substitute for aerobic classes and many other sophisticated workouts. It is something like relaxing your mind as well as losing pounds, both simultaneously. This is the reason why Zumba weight loss has become more popular these days.

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