“Yogis, a subculture full of awareness and acceptance of being”

We share with you this wonderful story of the photographer Robert Sturman and his experience with Kristin, a Yogi who gives us a great life lesson.

-During a photo shoot with a woman named Kristin Miscall in Central Park in New York, I had a fantastic conversation, she talked to me about things that I don’t usually hear people talk about.

-I was so touched by his gentle acceptance of the inevitable natural growth process that I asked him if I could write a paragraph about it.

-As a photographer, I feel that it is my responsibility, not to feed the beast of youth. However, on request, I sometimes use to slightly soften the lines. This is something I would never do on my own initiative, because I would not want someone to think that it is not perfect the way it is.

-The more we can accept our aging process, the healthier we will become. And if any subculture is going to pioneer this revolution, I would say that Yogis are in the perfect position to do so. This is what Kristin had to say:

“Please don’t touch my lines… they reveal the architecture of my life. Those deep folds between the eyebrows tell stories of dreams and thoughts, of anguish and ecstasy. Those that frame the nose and lips contain the echoes of thousands of smiles born of loving and living, and of marveling at hundreds of sunsets and my dogs playing.

If you remove these traces, the evidence of years fully lived is erased at the same time, in the middle of a vast tapestry of perfectly disordered humanity. Please don’t touch my lines, let my lines touch you… ”Kristin Miscall.

Sandra B. Lusk
Freelance author Food,Fitness and Weight Loss

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