With yoga to the desired figure – is that possible?

First of all, let’s be clear: Yoga is not a question of the figure. And of course it should primarily serve to relax and enjoy the smooth movement.

But maybe you have also asked yourself how the regular asanas actually affect your figure when you are already at it, and whether it can be turned on as well. This is exactly the question we are investigating here with an expert. Little shortcut for everyone who wants to lose weight healthily: Get our highly effective training and nutrition plan for beginners.

Lose weight with yoga

“When you do yoga, you just lie on the mat, walk into a couple of looking down dogs and meditate, don’t you?” Everyone who regularly practices yoga has probably heard this or something similar. It is now clear to almost everyone that yoga is an absolute goal-getter for mental health. But that yoga can do much more, especially from a sporting point of view, is new to most.

Movement teacher Sonia Taylor Bach explains here why yoga is also suitable for weight loss and makes the whole body really fit. She has developed a yoga program for the online training platform “Yogaeasy” that aims to make people fit.

Can you lose weight with yoga?

Those who start yoga usually do not want to have a hardened body, but rather first want to find mental balance. If the great body then follows the mind, so much the better. But there are actually yoga classes that are specifically designed to challenge the body as well as the mind and bring them into shape. By the way: This is how you can find out which type of yoga suits you.

“Via Yogaeasy I teach an active-dynamic yoga style, paired with relaxing units to get down again,” says Sonia Taylor Bach about her program. The training consists of a pleasant mix of Vinyasa Yoga, Calisthenics, Martial Arts and Mobility. So a so-called High Intensity Yoga Flow, in which the circulation and fat burning really get going.

How and, above all, how quickly can I lose weight with yoga?

According to Taylor Bach, there is no standard, every body is different. But, according to the teacher: “Regularity pays off.” If you stay tuned and do the units regularly, you will quickly have a sense of achievement and, above all, notice changes. And that over the entire body.

“Consciousness changes with regular yoga practice. That is the way to a healthy body and also the recipe for lasting wellbeing,” says the expert. “As a nice side effect you also get a healthy, fit body.” And here you can find out how to lose weight in a healthy way – without the yo-yo effect.

The 5 best yoga exercises for the stomach, legs and buttocks

Anyone who has ever participated in a yoga class and has flown through the asanas knows how hard and strenuous a few “movements” can be. Sore muscles in the stomach, thighs, calves and buttocks included , because it proves that yoga can be the perfect abs, legs and buttocks workout. We have selected the 5 best yoga exercises for you for precisely these body regions:

1. The chair, “Utkatasana”

Utkatasana Yoga for Weight Loss

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Power for thighs and buttocks: the chair

That’s how it’s done: In an upright position, bend your knees and stretch your arms up above your head. Keep your back straight.

That brings it: The chair not only challenges the thighs, but also the bottom. The more horizontal the thighs, the more intense the exercise becomes. Imagine you actually sit on a chair – just without a chair, so that your legs and bottom do all the work. Work that pays off for your muscles!

2. The Warrior II, “Virabhadrasana II”

Warrior II Yoga for Weight Loss

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Calls for legs, core and arms: the warrior II

That’s how it’s done: Take a large step back with your left and turn your left foot slightly outwards so that your heel is on the floor. Bend your right knee until your thigh is level. Now open your hips and shoulders to the left, the torso turns to the side. Unplug your right arm to the front at shoulder height, the left to the back. The look is ahead. Press the outside edge of your left foot into the ground.

That brings it: The Warrior II combines mental strength with full muscle power. The strict and purposeful look ahead allows the mind to focus absolutely. The posture also demands maximum performance from the body: legs, core and arms are in demand.

3. The looking down dog, “Adho Mukha Svanasana”

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Strengthens arms and shoulders: the looking down dog

That’s how it’s done: From a four-foot stand, place your hands shoulder-width apart and stable, feet are hip-width apart. Detach your knees from the floor and push your pelvis far forward until your arms and legs are straight, your bottom being the highest point. Relax your head and neck, lower your heels.

That brings it: The looking down dog is not only great for breathing deeply between the strenuous asanas, but also stretches the legs wonderfully. It also strengthens your shoulders and arms.

4. The board, “Chaturanga Dandasana”

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Strong for the core: the board

That’s how it’s done: Push-up position, with the toes raised, the legs extended so that the body forms a straight line. The hands are below the shoulders. Pull your shoulder blades together and pull your heels back. Hold.

That brings it: It can be glided down perfectly straight from the dog into the board. Those who hold the position longer not only train their legs and arms, but also strengthen their core extremely. Abs olé! If you want to promote your abs even more, you can alternately lift your legs.

5. The boat, “Navasana”

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Stability for the hull: the boat

That’s how it’s done: Sit with your knees bent and your torso back straight so your feet are slightly off the floor. Keep your legs closed and your arms straight. Put your chest out and keep your balance.

That brings it: Core, core, core! The boat is a real abdominal muscle generator. Those who keep the exercise for a long time or integrate it several times will soon be happy about nicely defined abdominal muscles. Because of easy yoga – this is where big muscles are built!

Not enough? Here you will find great asanas for beginners. And these are the best yoga exercises for strength athletes.

Belly and legs flow – with yoga to your dream figure

Would you rather not try it out on your own? As I said, at Yogaeasy there is the high-intensity “stomach and legs flow”. The 10-day program is not only intended to strengthen mentally, but also to make the body fit and thus help to build strength and endurance with the help of yoga exercises. Sonia Taylor Bach developed the flow and explained what is special about the program.

“Belly legs flow is a high intensity yoga flow that combines super-intensive yoga sequences with relaxation exercises. The flow is very core-heavy and therefore perfectly suited to promote the abdominal muscles,” says the yoga teacher.

Asanas are strung together in a flow for between 15 and 30 minutes. There are always phases of recovery and relaxation between the stress phases. A workout for the head and the body.

Taylor Bach recommends prior experience with Vinyasa Yoga and “Health and Patience” for the program. Because: Some movements deviate from classic, more conventional yoga and are therefore perhaps unfamiliar. In general, the expert advises you to only go as far as you can. And don’t be so hard on yourself.

Who shouldn’t do tummy-leg flow?

The program is suitable for all healthy people without physical limitations. Important exception: pregnant women. “Since the program is very core-heavy, I recommend other yoga programs to pregnant women.” Tip: Click here for our special training and nutrition guide for pregnant women.

Otherwise, the yoga program can be carried out by anyone who has no health restrictions or injuries such as acute knee problems or herniated discs.

3 “stomach legs flow” –Exercises to imitate


That gives abdominal muscle power

Move 1: Keep your arms horizontal and then lift your sacrum. Hold for 8 breaths and slide your legs away from each other. Here the straight abdominal muscles are strengthened.


Strengthens legs and buttocks

Move 2: This exercise is almost like hanumanasana, the splits. Here you practice this asana modified and only go 50 percent. This strengthens your leg and gluteus muscles, which are stretched at the same time. Important: Then stretch your wrists!


Great for the oblique abdominal muscles

Move 3: This exercise activates the obliques. The lateral muscles are strengthened by pushing your arms sideways past the outstretched leg and lifting the shoulder area completely off.

Well, get pleasure? Click here for the stomach, legs, flow program (online course).

Yoga is of course still primarily used to relax and move the body through. But it is also possible to get the body in better shape through special exercises. If that’s your goal, give it a try!

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