We tell you why you should give importance to diet, exercise and meditation

They are, in the opinion of the Italian sociobiologist Daniel Lumera, the three pillars of well-being, both physical and mental.

Food, physical exercise and meditation. These are the three pillars of well-being, according to the Italian sociobiologist Daniel Lumera, for whom these three concepts are totally related to each other in a very close way. So much so that, in his opinion, if we take care of these three important areas, we will have more paved the way to a healthier life, in which the well-being of body and mind prevails.

The expert, author of several bestsellers -his latest publication, co-written with Harvard University scientist Immaculata De Vivo, was, in fact, the best-selling wellness book in Italy in 2020-, and who is a benchmark in the practice of meditation, as it has been disciple of Anthony Elenjimittam, who in turn has the privilege of having been a direct disciple of Gandhi. Based on his experience, he has created the My Life Design® method: a journey through the purpose and development of one’s life, through experiences that can become profoundly transformative. The final objective is to rediscover and give value to talent and capacities at the individual, relational level and in the process of social transformation.

A wellness experience

Those who want to discover in detail what this method consists of, will be able to attend in person the event that will be organized in the Pyrenees of Lleida from July 8 to 11 at the Hotel Terradets. There, attendees will be able to delve into the three aforementioned pillars:

-The first of them is food as a health tool. The main objective is to learn to discover the role of conscious eating as a medicine, as a means and instrument to improve the health of the body, as well as an emotional and mental balance and meditative states of consciousness.

-The second is physical movement, as a regulator of psychophysical and emotional well-being, with special emphasis on contact with nature while we exercise.

-Finally, the third pillar is meditation, as well as the mindful breathing techniques. At this point it is important to make meditation understandable and put into context for all types of areas, in a simple and effective way. Breathing is worked, as we said, taking into account its impact on blood pressure and circulation, as well as on the immune system and cognitive abilities, such as focus, mental clarity, the impact on mood, anxiety or depression.

And along with the work of these three fundamental pillars, three other contexts are also taken into account: relationships, emphasizing the importance of how to consciously develop them, contact with nature, as an element of healing, addressing how to learn to return to the rhythm of its cycles, and last but not least, Music and sound as a tool for health and development of consciousness.

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