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This is your training plan for a sporty beach figure

Of course, not every woman has to look like a fitness model. And just as naturally, when you train, you may sometimes feel that your results don’t reflect the effort. Maybe you wish for better results but don’t know how to do it. Maybe you dream of a sportier beach body and don’t know how to fulfill it.

We have a solution. Before you regularly go to the gym and train unsatisfied without achieving the desired results, you should pause for a moment. Because maybe you are missing something crucial: a sophisticated plan that gets you in top form in a structured, targeted manner.

How our expert brings you to the beach figure

In order to provide the right template for your beach workout, we have teamed up with personal trainer Natascha Wilms. The bikini athlete deals with body-forming every day. “It became clear to me that it wasn’t necessarily about muscle mountains,” says coach Wilms. That’s why we prefer to talk about body forming and not about body building.

It’s about getting to know your own body better and developing a deep understanding of what it needs and what makes it tick. Only then will you be able to shape your body according to your own wishes. Natascha Wilms knows how to do it. She is often asked how she trains herself to look so fit. Here she reveals it.

Success with split training

Natascha is part of the personal trainer team at Women’s Health, along with 2 other power trainers. Your 8-week training plan introduces you to split training. “Split training means that you train different muscle groups on different days of the week. This division helps you to set the optimal muscle stimulus and to bring the most important muscle parts to the necessary load limit,” explains Wilms.

The focus is on the parts of the body that women most often have to complain about: stomach, legs and buttocks. “But of course we don’t leave out the rest of the body either, because it’s just as important to stay healthy and fit all round,” she adds.

Combination of muscle building and fat burning

The trainer has deliberately chosen the repetitions so that you are fully within the muscle building area. The following applies: Don’t be afraid of heavy resistance! After all, we women naturally do not get the testosterone levels that would provide for masculine-looking muscle mass. So you can go full power without getting Schwarzenegger-like muscles.

In addition, coach Natascha provided each training session with a varied cardio unit. As a result, the plan optimally promotes your fat burning and thus contributes to your bikini figure.

What exactly is the plan?

  • 8-page training plan as PDF
  • Overview of your training week and all 3 workouts in detail
  • Each exercise has a video link for correct exercise execution
  • Optimized for printing, but also available on any digital device

The bikini plan includes 3 different training days each week, each with its own workout. Do you want to train 4 days a week? “No problem! It is only important that you keep the order of the training days”, says Wilms.

In order to achieve your dream figure, you also have to be aware that training and nutrition go hand in hand. To lose weight, you need a calorie deficit. In other words: You have to consume fewer calories than you use. Make sure you get enough protein to keep your muscles strong.

With Natascha’s training plan, your sporty beach figure is not an unattainable goal, but rather feasible and achievable. So the only question left is: when do you start your way to the best bikini shape of all time?

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