This is how you stay fit on long car journeys

Strong car for strong women: The 595 Monster Energy Yamaha is one of two new special models from the Italian sports car brand ABARTH and really makes you want to go on a road trip! The car, which is limited to 2,000 pieces, looks really stylish with its two-tone exterior paintwork and cool sports seats and impresses with its super high performance – making driving a pleasure.

However, long car journeys can quickly lead to a shortening of muscles in the entire body. To counteract this, it makes sense to specifically stretch the muscles after the ride or during a break. Top trainer Marleen Schumacher will show you how to do this: With her mobility exercises, you reactivate your stressed muscles and you can go straight back to full throttle! And for those who like it particularly elegant, the second ABARTH special model is perfect: The 595 Scorpioneoro combines lifestyle and performance and scores with lots of exclusive details – such as gold-painted wheels.

At ABARTH, style meets performance. With our workout, you too can stay powerful

1. Cobra

In the cobra position, you reactivate and stretch the abdominal muscles and hip muscles. The exercise is perfect for stretching tendons and ligaments that tend to shorten while driving.

Stefan Volk

That’s how it’s done: Get into the push-up position but put your legs down so your knees are touching the floor. Now lower your hips while you push your torso away from the floor with your arms, keeping your gaze directed towards the sky. Breathe out of your stomach and enjoy the view. For the greatest effect, do the exercise three times for 45 seconds each.

2. Hero’s seat

With the hero’s seat you stretch the front muscle chain, including the straight abdominal muscles, front thigh muscles and, not to forget, the hip flexors. There is no more targeted approach to shortening these areas after a long drive!

That’s how it’s done: Kneel on the fitness mat, lean back, hands propped behind your feet. Push your hips forward, your legs parallel, your buttocks tight. This brings the hip flexors into a healthy extension after long hours of driving. Hold the position for 45 seconds for three repetitions.

3. Deep squat with dynamic chest opening

This variant of the deep squat mobilizes your thoracic spine, stretches the chest and hip muscles and effectively increases the mobility of the hips, ankles and spine. Any questions?

That’s how it’s done: Get into a deep crouch with your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart. That brings stability. Press your left elbow against your left knee to allow the spine to rotate. Slowly bring your right arm straight up towards the sky while your gaze follows the hand. This is how you mobilize your thoracic spine and release tension in no time from the static sitting posture while driving. Hold the position for 45 seconds and repeat the exercise three times on each side.

4th pigeon

The pigeon position stretches the muscles around the waist. This increases mobility, especially by stretching the outer thigh. If your joints tend to become more immobile, the exercise is perfect for loosening up.

Stefan Volk

That’s how it’s done: Sit on the fitness mat with your left thigh forward, your calf flat on the floor at a 90-degree angle. Bring your right leg straight back. Bend forward slightly as you support yourself on the floor in front of your body. Hold the position for 30-45 seconds on each side.

5. Lunge with side bends

Lunge with side bends increases your mobility and flexibility. Especially after long car journeys, this exercise is the ideal way to stretch your hip flexors. Best of all: The exercise activates the leg and gluteal muscles at the same time. And off!

Stefan Volk

That’s how it’s done: Stand up straight and take a good lunge forward with your left leg. In the final position, the thigh is at a 90-degree angle to the calf. Bend your torso sideways towards your front standing leg as you bring your right arm over your head to slowly increase the stretch. Hold the position for 45 seconds in three repetitions.

Style meets performance

The sports cars of the Italian car brand ABARTH combine the best of 2 worlds: Stylish appearance and sporty performance. The two newest models 595 Scorpioneoro and 595 Monster Energy Yamaha are on ever 2,000 vehicles limited – Exclusive driving fun is guaranteed.

You can find the sporty ABARTH models here

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