This is how you can run 10 kilometers in under 60 minutes

Do you run regularly? Super. Can you manage longer runs without any problems? Even better. Are you looking for a new challenge? Direct hit! Then you are exactly right here. Because cracking the magical limit of 10 kilometers in 60 minutes is the perfect incentive for many runners to perk up their own running training.

In concrete terms, upgrading means that we give you a smart 8-week plan with which you can gradually reach your goal of running the 10 kilometers in under an hour. You will also receive helpful tips on equipment and important explanations about training according to heart rate. All you have to do is run the steps yourself.

What do I need for a 10 km run in 1 hour?

First of all, of course, equipment that does not hinder you and makes you feel “faster”, i.e. well-fitting clothing, a sports bra and suitable running shoes. A good timepiece is also recommended. If you don’t have a running watch, you can also use your smartphone for this in case of doubt.

Above all, you also need professional guidance, ideally in the form of a special training plan that accompanies your project from the start for the required period of time. We have created exactly this 10-kilometer plan for you.

What do I have to do to run 10 kilometers in 1 hour?

Above all, train specifically. With the help of our plan, you will continue to build your running foundations and become faster. Varied running units await you 3 times a week – from driving games to endurance runs with different pace specifications (each between 40 and 70 minutes).

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