This is how you build healthy, attractive muscles

W.Why should you build muscle as a woman? Quite simply: Because it’s healthy and looks damn good. After all, dieting and endurance training only reduce body fat. You can only get sporty, beautiful curves with well-planned strength training.

A defined body is also a healthy body. Strong muscles prevent injuries, protect your joints from wear and tear and ensure an upright posture.

Our brand new plan shows you how to achieve your dream figure too. And best of all: you can actually start right away. After all, the only thing you need is the only workout tool you always have with you: your own body weight. So let’s go!

What can you expect in the training plan?

Our plan is perfect for those new to strength training. So you start cleverly with 3 full-body workouts per week. With this you regularly set a new growth stimulus without spending too much time on training. Many newcomers make the mistake of wanting too much at the beginning. But in this case less is more.

When building muscle, it is also important to ensure sufficient recovery. With 3 units per week you always have at least one day to regenerate yourself and your body. In the next workout you can give full throttle again.

And when you have laid a good foundation after 4 weeks and your body can cope with more, you can add another unit and other exercises. In this way you set a new stimulus and ensure more fun and variety.

More muscle = less fat

You read that right! Muscle building training also helps you lose weight. Unfortunately, many women still associate weight training with age-old bodybuilding terms like bulking, which some men still swear by. But the targeted gain in kilos can largely be attributed to a high-calorie diet.

Strength training alone, especially if it is cleverly designed, has the opposite effect on your body fat percentage. On the one hand, you burn plenty of calories in your workouts and, on the other hand, the gain in muscles increases your basal metabolic rate. In concrete terms: You burn more fat than before even while doing nothing. It couldn’t be better, right?

Your muscle maker

The plan was designed by Juliane Hemmerling, Head of Fitness here at Women’s Health. As a teenager, she avoided strength training. But she soon realized: a mistake! Because through the sport you got fitter, built attractive muscles and came to more self-confidence.

She then turned her new passion into a profession. With over 10 years of experience in the fitness world, she has written countless training plans and helped many women achieve their dream figure. The only question left is: when will you start your journey there?

Not only do female muscles look damn good, they also protect your body from injury and wear and tear. Our highly effective plan shows you how you too can build valuable muscles. The only things that you need for the implementation are your own body weight and desire for change. What are you waiting for?

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