This is how you build defined muscles as a woman

Women with muscles – many people still have an oiled bodybuilder cliché in mind. What a crap! Muscular female bodies can be super aesthetic. And above all, it is a great experience to discover the fun of your own strength.

Are you up for muscles too? Then we provide you with the instructions for the right training and the perfect nutrition for a really stable body. Our combination of training and nutrition plan is the ideal basis for building muscle:

This is why muscle building is worthwhile for women

The free weight area in the gym is only reserved for men? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! More and more women are discovering strength training for themselves and conquering the squat racks of the gyms. The result: an athletic body and really well trained muscles from which we women benefit in many ways:

1. Muscles make you slim

The great thing about muscles is that they help you lose weight. Because not only does dumbbell training consume energy, even if you have been lying relaxed on the sofa for a long time, the muscles continue to burn calories. “The basal metabolic rate increases automatically through muscle building training. That means you can simply eat more,” explains personal trainer and weightlifter Elli Hachmann from Hamburg. And the whole thing works without gaining weight. The more muscle you have, the more energy your body can burn. And the greater the percentage of muscle in the total body weight, the more calories you burn even when you are resting.

2. Muscles make sexy curves

When it comes to losing weight or defining the body a little more, many women rely solely on endurance training and torment themselves in long running units in order to lose a few kilos. “They lose weight in the process, but muscles shape and tone the body much better,” says Hachmann. If you want a beautiful body, instead of spending hours on the treadmill, you can simply lift a few weights.

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3. Muscles prevent pain

Weak back muscles can cause headaches. With targeted muscle building and strength training, you improve your posture and thus prevent tension and pain. Also, to avoid back pain, you shouldn’t neglect sport, but rather strengthen your back muscles with the right muscle building exercises.

4. Muscles boost self-confidence

Women also benefit mentally from muscle building training: “It is just a great feeling to be able to move heavy weights. That not only strengthens the muscles, but also strengthens self-confidence,” says Hachmann. As your performance increases, you not only become physically stronger, but you also feel unbeatably good.

Will I get huge mountains of muscles from strength training?

Some fear that they will accumulate massive amounts of muscle directly. But don’t be shy: a few biceps curls or squats with a barbell won’t turn you into a bodybuilder overnight. The genes alone thwart your plans. Compared to men, women have too little testosterone and too much estrogen in their blood to build up excessive muscle mass. So the chance of suddenly becoming terribly muscular tends towards zero.

Even if you have an above-average amount of testosterone for a woman, in addition to tough training, you have to stick to a very strict diet to turn yourself into a bodybuilder. From a purely anatomical point of view, the muscles of men and women are identical. This is why women can also stimulate their muscles to grow with the right training stimulus.

What Are the Best Exercises for Building Muscle?

Put your muscle building exercises together so that you train the whole body. The best way to do this is to choose exercises for the upper body, back and legs. Hachmann swears by these 4 basic exercises when building muscle mass:

  • Squats
  • Deadlift
  • Bench press
  • (Assisted) pull-ups (alternative: bent over row with the barbell)

These classics appeal to the large muscle groups. Beginners should, however, prefer exercises on machines to build muscles, as the movements are guided here. Advanced users choose free weights such as with dumbbell training and cable pulls. “It’s more intense than on the machine, because so many more muscles have to work to carry out the movement correctly,” explains Hachmann. Make sure that it is done correctly and neatly. The most important tips for strength training

These 5 mistakes will keep your muscles from growing

If you want to build muscle, regular exercise is not enough, you have to do everything right. Avoid these common mistakes:

1. Fear of heavy weights

“Many women do not go to their limits when training because they are still afraid of getting too big or because they no longer trust themselves.” Better: Go to your performance limits during muscle building training and increase the weight regularly.

2. Not enough protein

“Most women actually eat too little protein and lose valuable muscle mass as a result,” says Hachmann. “They tend to be less able to utilize protein than men. That’s why they need more,” she explains. The ideal is about 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. “You should make sure you have a good source of animal protein. If you are vegan or vegetarian, women need 3 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight to build muscle.”

3. The wrong exercises

Bicep curls and sit-ups are great. In order to build muscle, however, you should by no means neglect the basic exercises and all exercises that target large muscle groups (e.g. legs, buttocks).

4. Unclean execution

Make sure you do the exercises correctly and use your full range of motion. Don’t stop halfway, otherwise muscles can shorten. In addition: Lead the movement with force, never with momentum!

5. Too long breaks

If you pause too long between exercises, you will waste time and energy. Set yourself a timer and keep the breaks in sentences precisely, otherwise you will waste valuable power.

What are you waiting for? Strength training and proper nutrition strengthen your muscles. How broad you actually become is up to you. In any case, you benefit from the advantages of strong muscles. So: get on the dumbbells!

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