The feminine force according to Kundalini Yoga

First the children, then the partner and, lastly, us. That is the historical formula that most of the western women apply in the development of our lives. For Kundalini yoga the equation is reversed: we must have, first of all, a relationship with ourselves.

“If you want to know what the state of consciousness of a nation is like, then you must know its women”. That’s what Yogi Bhajan, one of the teachers who promoted Kundalini yoga in the West, said. Instructor Nam Nidhan Kaur Khalsa trained with him and has embraced the same conviction for more than 15 years.

“In our (Western) culture, unfortunately, we believe that being a woman is being sexy, because that is what we have been taught. And that misunderstood role makes us insecure. When women are insecure, all humanity is. It is important to help women develop because that means the growth of the whole society “, explains Nam Nidhan, who is also the founder of Mujer de Luz, a non-profit organization that this year received an award from Sernam for its dissemination of Kundalini yoga (free of charge and without state funding) in vulnerable sectors of society.

“The foundation was born as an organization that uses the tools of Kundalini yoga and meditation to help improve the physical and emotional mental health of women, understanding women as the pillar of society. We are the shapers of the character of the identity of every human being and our emotional state, consciousness, nervous system and energy directly affect everyone around us, especially children (…) For about 40 years to date, the roles that women fulfill are very varied. We have a lot of brain capacity to deal with several things at the same time, but most of them are collapsed and that has a direct effect on the people who are nearby, ”explains Nam Nidhan, adding that the practice of kundalini recharges our energy because it secretes neurotransmitters that They do well. “It acts as if it were a drug,” he says, only that it is produced by ourselves.

What would you say to the vast majority of women who don’t have time to do yoga? The beauty of Kundalini yoga is that you can take 15 minutes a day: you don’t need a huge two-hour session, although if you do it it will do you very well, of course, but only 15 minutes of practice a day is enough to change the functioning of the brain, modify the voltage of your nervous system and transform how your glands work. That will bring you balance and stability (…) Today, more than ever, women need tools to balance themselves in relation to themselves and define who they are, because if one does not have a solid foundation, one easily staggers before the blows of life.

And what role does man play in this understanding of the female role in society? Just as women began their struggle for equality in the last 40 years and today these spaces have been relatively reached, men are also subject to these changes. They have lived clinging to a belief about what it is to be a man, and that has repressed them a lot, but lately they are opening up to know each other better; many are practicing yoga to find their balance and experiencing their feminine selves – that is, music, art and spirituality – facets that have long been denied or ridiculed.

How can you advance in strengthening feminine knowledge? If you study history and understand what education we have received to be women, you find a subtle knowledge that passes from generation to generation. After that one can see a lot of pain, anger and victimization (…) The suffering of women dates back 6,000 years; worldwide we were exploited and put up for sale, and that remained as a stigma of the collective unconscious, so currently we do not know how to find our strength. Today advertising and the system that we live in a certain way uses women to sell products and she loses herself in that market game, in finding who she really is. Meditation and Kundalini yoga, then, are powerful ways of self-knowledge.

What is the change in the approach to feminine knowledge that you promote? We have three focuses of work. One is to help develop a woman’s individual identity, her feminine strength, and her personal security. The second focus is the woman and her partner, and finally we focus on the woman’s relationship with her children. That is the correct sequence. Culturally we have learned that the children and the partner come first and we are the last in priorities, but the opposite is true; we should first have a relationship with ourselves to achieve harmony with others.

Workshops in Chile and in the world

Paid yoga courses are taught at Mujer de Luz. Until June, the True Woman workshop will be held; On June 11, the cycle El Alma en la Pareja begins, and in the coming months one dedicated to raising children will begin. With the funds raised, yoga classes that are taught in vulnerable sectors of the country are financed.

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In addition, Mujer de Luz has an agreement with Sernam: the foundation supports (without receiving money in return) the programs that the state entity provides for victims of domestic violence, single women and pregnant adolescents.

But Mujer de Luz does not only carry out activities in Chile. They currently give workshops in Colombia, Spain, Peru, Ecuador and, recently, even in China. “In Colombia, for example, we work a program with women who were sexually abused by the guerrillas, we teach them to meditate because through this technique they develop their self-esteem and love of neighbor and thus heal the trauma. Yoga has a lot to do with helping to heal trauma on a physical level, freeing up the nervous system, ”says Nam Nidhan.


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