The decline of age is slowed by the practice of yoga and meditation

Preliminary evidence suggests that meditation can reduce impairment in specific cognitive domains and brain structure. Here we have expanded this research by investigating the relationship between age and fluid intelligence using graph theory, in middle-aged yoga and meditation practitioners, and matched controls.

Fluid intelligence declined slower in yoga practitioners and meditators combined than in control groups.

The level of rest and the state of the neural networks was better in the yoga practitioners and meditators combined and more resistant to damage than those of the controls.

According to the conclusions of this study, the decline typical of age is delayed by the practice of yoga and meditation.

These findings are of theoretical importance as they provide insight into the brain, the global functional network architecture of yoga practitioners and meditators, and provide a potential mechanism for preserved intellectual capacity in mindfulness practitioners.

Sandra B. Lusk
Freelance author Food,Fitness and Weight Loss

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