Start jogging: this is how you become a runner too

Running is the easiest sport in the world. You don’t need a gym or a trainer. Just put your clothes on, get out and go. The nice thing about running is that you can start practically anywhere and immediately. No matter how trained you are. No matter what your goal is.

In other words: every day is the right one. So today too. Now! The right equipment, the right training and the right motivation are much more important than the season and the weather. You can find it all here.

What is important when starting to run?

Of course, you set yourself high goals at the beginning: run 10 kilometers under 30 minutes in one month, participation in a (half) marathon in autumn. Or can it be 5 kilos less in 2 weeks? It is quite normal to start running with high expectations, after all you are full of motivation and zest for action. The best thing to do is to start your run with a plan: you will do your first 30-minute run.

Perhaps after the first running units you will realize that your goals will not become reality overnight. So when the euphoria subsides after a short time because the daily grind overshadows everything, one thing is very important: Don’t throw the gun in the grain out of frustration or throw your running shoes in the next corner. Hold on, overcome this first low and you will thank yourself for it soon.

Basically stick to your big goals, but give yourself enough leeway to make them a reality. Be patient when you reach your desired time over 5 or 10 kilometers.

Set yourself small intermediate goals that are challenging but can be achieved. In this way you always ensure important success stories that reward you with feelings of happiness and encourage you to keep going. Here are 8 good reasons why you should start jogging now.

What should I look for in running shoes?

At the latest after you come back from the first lap with the old sports kickers, you realize: It doesn’t work that way, you need the right footwear. If you have made up your mind to go running regularly in the future, you should consider these 4 points in order to find the right running shoes:

1. Do you have the right shoe size?

When you run, your foot slips back and forth in the shoe. So that it doesn’t start to squeeze uncomfortably, running shoes are usually bought half a size larger than normal shoes, because the feet stretch a little while exercising. Rule of thumb: There should be a thumb’s width in front of your big toe.

2. Which cushioning is right for you?

Shoes with medium cushioning are recommended for beginners. Important: In contrast to walking, your entire body weight presses on one foot at a time. However, the medium level of cushioning absorbs the impact and the foot can get used to the strain.

3. What surface are you walking on?

Asphalt or forest floor? Common running shoe models are designed for urban runs on harder surfaces. Special trail shoes for forest runs have a more grippy sole profile, which provides more grip on uneven ground, but wears out very quickly on asphalt. If you feel like running in nature: Trail running is that easy.

4. Do a treadmill analysis

In specialist shops, if they are open, you can find out a lot about your feet in detail: your rolling behavior, your leg position and any misalignments are recognized by the specialists there. Based on this information, plus size and body weight, they recommend suitable models for you.

Which running clothes do i need?

You don’t need much to venture out on the running track, but the right clothing should not be underestimated as a feel-good factor and motivational booster. Comfortable and well-fitting shoes are essential, because blisters and pressure points bring even the most motivated runner to their knees. Here we show the 10 best jogging shoes for women.

If possible, seek advice from an expert. For women, the supportive strength of a sports bra should not be underestimated. In any case, wear breathable clothing, ideally with reflectors, so that you are clearly visible even in the dark. We have put together the most important parts for you.

Our top 5 products you can get started with now:

1. Shoe: Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37

Air technology is not only found in the Air Max, but also in the area of ​​running shoes. The special cushioning on the heel protects the foot while moving, the mesh upper material provides additional support.

Order the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 here

2. Sports bra: Under Armor Vanish High

An average breast moves up and down up to 8 centimeters with every step. Therefore, always run with a sports bra. Is that uncomfortable, sticky and chafing? Not with the Vanish High, which fits perfectly and has a silky-dry fabric.

Order Under Armor Vanish High here

3rd top: Kari Traa Salva top

Kari Traa is a Norwegian women-only sports brand. The Salva Singlet can be worn as a baselayer under a jacket, or when it’s warm enough you can wear it as a single top.

Order the Kari Traa Salva Top here

4. Jacket: Adidas PHX training jacket

A good running jacket protects against wind and rain in changeable weather, but does not make you sweat. If your neck and neck get too drafty while running, you can simply pull the zipper up to your chin and be protected.

Order the Adidas PHX training jacket here

5. Pants: Yavero high waist

The high-waist sports pants by Yavero with their laser-cut design are not only an eye-catcher on the running track. It is also just fun to wear: the fabric is soft and breathable and, with its high waist, also warms the kidneys while running. Practical: you can store keys and money in the small, hidden pocket on the inside of the waistband.

Order Yavero High Waist here

2 rookie mistakes to avoid while running

After the first few runs, you’re just happy to arrive at your destination, just being allowed to breathe and getting rid of that darned stitch in your side. You can avoid the 2 most common beginner mistakes with these two tips:

1. Breathe properly

The most important thing is breathing. Quickly forget about recommendations like “2 steps, inhale, 1 step, exhale” or the like. You can recognize your ideal walking pace by the fact that you can speak easily while on the move without gasping for air after every word. Because talking to yourself gets boring in the long run, it’s best to grab a running buddy if possible. Here we reveal how you can breathe properly in every sport.

2. Reduce the speed

Beginners like to overwind. What is meant is that you start too fast and shoot your powder too early. You are not alone with this problem, because over half of all runners give too much gas at the beginning and then sag.

So walk deliberately slower for the first few minutes, even if it feels unusually sluggish. You will notice that you have more energy over the course of the run. And be careful: you’ll never bend over while running again.

How do I stay motivated while running?

You have to bite a bit. You know for sure that perseverance after a lively start is the real test. When you start with the excuses, prefer to spend the running session lazily on the couch and the guilty conscience becomes more and more quiet, things get really exciting. The solution: Find ways to stay motivated in the long term.

1. Positive running experience

Just keep walking until you feel exhausted but can still go on. This way you don’t come home ready and you don’t associate the next unit with bad feelings.

2. Got to the dog

Do you have a dog? Wonderful. The four-legged friends need regular exercise – and so do you. Simply turn a walk into a running session. Your four-legged friend is guaranteed to have fun doing the round. More on the topic: That’s why your dog is the perfect training partner.

3. Joy shared

Ask a roommate, partner, or friend (at a distance) to walk with you. Not just for chatting, but also as an additional motivation: Firstly, you don’t skip an appointment as easily as a single run and secondly, the time flies by when talking. It is best to make excuses for your running partner to use foreign words so that you don’t even get the idea of ​​turning the date into a movie night.

4. Betting debts, debts of honor

This announcement increases the friendship effect: “Every time I miss a run, I owe you one euro.” A glass of wine or a meal can also be used. The key here is the effect of not just feeling guilty, but literally paying for the skipped run.

5. Goal in mind

If possible, register for a running event, even if, thanks to Corona, it won’t be until autumn or next year. The anticipation and the clear deadline in front of your eyes drive you to prepare for the planned length of the route. It’s not about top athletic performance at all, it’s simply about aiming for a goal and training towards it. With our running plans you can optimally prepare for it.

Running is still the easiest and most flexible way to exercise regularly and efficiently. You are independent, you only need a little equipment and you can get started at any time. With our tips you will be sure to get started with running!

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