So you get a sporty beach body in 2 weeks

Beach Body in just 2 weeks, how is that supposed to work? It’s actually quite simple: move your body to a beach in the next 14 days – et voilà, there it is! Okay, kidding aside. If you still see a need for optimization and want to get into shape very quickly, you need a really tight yet feasible training program.

That’s exactly what we deliver to you here. Fitness coach Dorothee Günther has developed a highly effective turbo training for us that will bring you to your fitness goal. Admittedly, 2 weeks is a really short time and the workouts will not be a piece of cake. But you can soon be really proud of your sporty beach figure and look forward to a super strong result.

Important! First of all: the 2-week program is not suitable for women who have never done sport. “Those who follow the 2-week plan should do sport at least once a week. Alternatively, the last training phase should be a maximum of 1 to 2 months ago,” says the expert. Fits so far? Then let’s get started!

Less fat, beautiful muscles: the benefits of the Turbo training plan

As I said, it’s tough here. Perceptible changes should be achieved in a short period of time. Therefore the intensity is very crisp. “We start right away with 4 training units in the first week. This way, the maximum is achieved in the shortest possible time – without being overwhelmed,” says the personal trainer.

How do I have to train to improve my beach figure quickly?

In order to achieve an optimized overall picture, the whole body must be strengthened. This means that there are no imbalances. “For ideal muscle growth, you train the upper and lower body separately in the 2-split plan, while the high-intensity full-body training ensures maximum fat burning,” says the fitness trainer. She designed the rep numbers in split training so that you build muscle.

The load intensity of high intensity interval training, in turn, aims at strength endurance. “The point here is to be able to maintain the intensity for as long as possible,” says the expert. “That leads to strength building, fat burning and some muscle building.” So HIIT not only improves your stamina.

Which muscle parts does bodyweight training focus?

As mentioned, the focus is holistic. But: “Some parts of the body such as legs and buttocks are highlighted – and the abdominal and core muscles are also strengthened,” says Dorothee.

In bodyweight training, this is done by increasing the load. That is also possible without weights. An example: “If you put your feet on a chair during a push-up instead of leaning on the floor, you increase the intensity,” explains the expert.

What can I expect in the plan?

An effective turbo training concept on 38 pages as PDF. You will receive the most important tips for your fitness goal right at the beginning. Then there is an overview of your training weeks and the workouts – the individual exercises with video, pictures and descriptions – and of course the ideal warm-up for your training.

The right nutrition for the express beach body

“In order to see success, you also have to adjust your diet,” says fitness coach Dorothee Günther. Because: “Your body has to do more, for which it should or has to be supplied with good nutrients. You should also go into a slight calorie deficit, make your meals rich in protein and reduce the carbohydrates a little.”

So that the training has the best possible effect, eat high-quality, unprocessed food, consume a little fewer calories than you consume and also make sure that you consume enough protein – this will preserve your muscles.

The expert for turbo training

Dorothee Günther Beach Body training plan

Leon Comforter

Our beach body expert: fitness coach and personal trainer Dorothee Günther

Fitness coach Dorothee Günther trains as functionally and as much as possible with her own body weight in order to keep herself fit for everyday life and to be able to move as freely as possible. “My training is very varied: I also switch between HIIT and jogging and muscle building training with weights,” says the personal trainer from Hamburg. Your goals are body definition along with body fat reduction, muscle and strength building for a well-formed and well-trained body. The Beach Body Plan is also based on this, in which you only train with your own body weight.

So, enough of the words now. Time to move! There’s not much time left. Therefore: Get the 2-week training plan now and celebrate your bombastic beach body soon.

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