Simona improves her stamina

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Jozef Kubica

Simona’s goal for 2018: to complete the half marathon. (Run on Tights by lululemon)

Simona (42) is a freelance graphic designer and a total sports fanatic. For her, exercise is the perfect balance to everyday life, but unfortunately other things have often had priority in recent years: the children, the husband, work. After years of stress, she now wants to think more about herself. Since running is incredibly good for her, she has decided to train for a half marathon in the spring.

Is more endurance your goal for next year?

Excellent! In order to give this project a long breath, we provide the necessary training knowledge! It doesn’t matter whether you’ve never run before, want to improve your time on 10 kilometers or train Simona for a half marathon, we’ll provide the plan:

So that you can really do your running training this time and don’t let cold temperatures and crap weather ruin your sports plans, we will invalidate all dirty weather excuses and get you off the sofa, because the conditions for the run are right now optimal:

What can you do to run longer?

Regular training takes your endurance performance to a new level. But diet also plays an extremely important role. With our tips you will last even longer and also become even faster! We’ll tell you what runners and other endurance athletes eat in order to perform optimally:

Whether half marathon or just regular jogging, with our professional tips and plans you will definitely reach your running goal in the new year!

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