Role of Low Carb Diet in Weight Loss and other Benefits

Low Carb Diet in Weight Loss
Low Carb Diet in Weight Loss and other Benefits

Low carb diet, also known as a low-carbohydrate diet is included in a diet program that limits down the daily consumption of the carbohydrates. It is usually suggested to the people who want to lose weight or are undergoing the treatment for obesity. Such type of diet includes more fibre and protein and limit down the digestible carbohydrates. Foods like bread, pasta, rice, etc., are rich in carbohydrates. You have to switch to wheat products or foods like shellfish, vegetables, meat, poultry, salad, nuts, peanuts, and seeds.

Purpose of the Low Carb Diet

The resolve of a low carbohydrate diet is to lose weight. There are different health benefits other than weight-loss, such as minimising the risk of heart diseases, strokes, cancer, cholesterol problem, and diabetes. Once you start following the diet, you will notice the change in your weight within a week. This type of diet helps you to bring the difference in your overall eating habits and limit down the intake of unnecessary carbs and fats while controlling your appetite. Consult your doctor before starting the diet to ensure the safety of the diet.

Benefits of the Low Carb Diet

According to some scientific evidence and studies made on low carb diet, there has been significant progress among the people who had opted for it. If you are planning to start the diet and are not sure what benefits you can avail by choosing it, then take a look at some of its health benefits. However, keep in mind that results will vary depending on how the individual responds to the diet.

Effective Weight Loss with Low Carb Diet

This is the very first change that you will notice when you limit down your carb intake. Instead of food rich in carbohydrates, if you switch to high fibre diet along with the regular exercise you will surely notice the weight loss within a week. A person following this diet loses up to 5lbs in two weeks. However, it also depends on how regularly the individual follows the diet. This sudden weight loss will not cause any health problems, instead will protect you from the unnecessary hunger.

Low Carb Diet Improves the Cholesterol Level and Blood Pressure

When the research was done on low-fat diets versus low-carbohydrate diet, it was concluded that both types of diets show effective weight loss, but people who followed low-carb diet showed a good improvement in the cholesterol level and blood pressure.

Type II Diabetes and Obesity

Usually, people choose this diet to deal with the problem of obesity. Obesity increases the risk of type 2 diabetes and gradually lead to other health problems as well. However, by following this type of diet, you get different nutrition that can protect you from diabetes.

Low Carb Diet Protects Your Heart

As said, low carb intake helps to balance the cholesterol level and thus protects your heart. It reduces LDL, which is the bad cholesterol which blocks the blood flow to the arteries and contributes to different health problems. However, with such a diet, you can control the LDL level and reduce the risk factors associated with your heart. Most of the doctors recommend a low-carb diet for patients who have heart problems.

Other Health Benefits of Low Carb Diet

The best way to start with low carb intake is by bringing some healthy lifestyle change. Instead of eating, even when not hungry, look for the options to control your hunger. This type of diet is the best way to lose weight even when you don’t exercise. However, to maintain it for a long time, you need to improve your eating habits.

What Does the Low Carb Diet Include?

The primary focus of such a diet is to restrict the number of carbohydrates you eat. Carbohydrates are macro-nutrients that causes weight gain. Most of the food manufacturing companies add additional carbs in the form of starch for adding taste to the food. However, a low carbohydrate diet includes foods rich in proteins like fish, meat, poultry along with vegetables that do not contain starch. If you feel hungry, opt for nuts and almonds is advised instead of eating junk food. Limit down your intake of carbohydrates to 50 to 150 grams. In some carbohydrates diet, you have to restrict the carbs at the beginning of the diet and then increase the number of allowed carbs slowly. The following food must be included in your diet:

  • Vegetables
  • Legumes
  • Milk
  • Seeds
  • Fruits
  • Nuts
  • Grains

Carbohydrates are used by the body to break down the sugar in the form of energy during the digestion process. Sugar is then absorbed into your bloodstream in the form of glucose for fueling up your body with the necessary power to perform certain activities. However, if your body starts getting excess carbohydrates, then your hunger increases due to which you may feel like eating even when the body doesn’t need it. For this, low carb diet is necessary so that you don’t crave much. Look for the food that is not rich in carbohydrates and enjoy its different health benefits.

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