Raw Food Diet Plan Benefits for Weight Loss

Raw Food Diet Plan for Weight Loss
The Raw Food Diet Facts You Need to Know

The primary reason why many people shift towards a raw food diet is weight loss. Besides these, there are even more reasons that impulse people to shift towards a raw food diet. Raw food diets help provide you with a more healthy body and an increased energy level. Raw food is beneficial for your body, but make sure that you follow a balanced diet, and you fulfil all your nutritional requirements through the food that you eat. Various menus are based on raw foods. If you are talking about a raw food diet, most of your foods will be plant-based.

However, some foods can be considered as raw food, but they have not planted products. Some Japanese eat raw fish after drying. Therefore, this can also be regarded as raw food. Raw food diet, on the other hand, doesn’t mean that all your foods will be raw. It contains about 75% of raw food and the rest of the food can be partially cooked, boiled, and roasted. The basic conception is that raw food has enzymes that are destroyed when you cook it. Thus, when eating it raw, all those enzymes are present in the food, and it helps you in better digestion.

The Raw Food Diet Facts You Need to Know

Unhealthy diet choices are the primary reason considered for the increasing rate of obesity in America. Most of the people rely on processed food and fast foods that are high in calories and thus causing weight gain. Many dieters think that feeding yourself with uncooked food provides you with all the nutrients that your body requires, thus leading to weight loss. During the mid-2000s, the raw food diet process to lose weight became more popular. However, many medical professionals consider raw food as a fad diet. So, it becomes necessary for you to discuss it with a doctor and make sure that a specific raw food diet is proper or not for your body.

Raw foods are in no way purified or heated above 105 degrees to 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, this doesn’t mean that being on a raw food diet, you need to swallow whatever you get as whole food. You can instead use some of the kitchen equipment like the blender, mixer grinder, food processor, mandolin slicer, spiralizer, dehydrator etc., in preparing a raw food diet.

Requirements for a Raw Food Diet Plan

To be considered as raw food, the food must have some properties. First of all, raw food can never be heated above 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus it means that you cannot use any of the cooking procedures, be it cooking, heating, smoking or any other way that rises the temperature of the food above this limit. The food must not be processed and should be fresh. Non-organic foods and irradiated foods are not considered as raw food.

How does a Raw Food Diet Plan lead to weight loss?

Most of the raw foods are low in calories, and thus they help in weight loss. As known to everyone, you gain weight when the calories that you intake is more than what is required by your body. So, to control the number of calories that you intake, you need to calculate your daily calorie intake as per your height, weight, gender, and activity level. If you want to lose 2lbs in one week, you need to subtract about 1000 calories from your daily diet.

Raw food diet that is rich in fibre and nutrients provides a filling diet without increasing the amount of calorie intake. The more significant fraction of food that you eat during a raw food diet consists of vegetables and fruits. The dieters choose fresh organic foods for their raw food diet. Most of the raw food eaters are vegetarians, but some of them may also eat animal products. Sprouted grains, raw nuts, etc., add variety to your food and also add nutrients in it. Some other foods that can be used as raw food include cold-smoked meats, steak tartare, raw fish, cured meats, raw milk, raw cheese, etc. Raw animal products are not advised unless they’re safe as they may contain bacteria that may cause food poisoning. Consult your doctor before following any raw food diet.

Raw Food Diet Plan Claims to Weight loss

As per some websites that deal with a raw food diet, eating foods that are high in pH and having alkalinity more magnificent than seven are considered to cause weight loss. Some of the examples of alkaline foods include fresh herbs, leafy green vegetables, avocado, watermelon, sprouts, wheat grasses, and cucumber. Although these foods may help you lose weight, there is fewer evidence that shows that high pH foods are good for health.

Raw food diet pros and Cons

Although raw foods are considered as a healthy diet, there are conflicts regarding its health effects in the long run. Being on raw food, the diet would provide you with a balance of carbohydrates, protein, fats and other nutrition. This makes you stay healthy. Some dietitians believe that being on a raw food diet deprives you of vitamin B12, zinc, iron, and omega-three fatty acids. Finally, it can be said that raw food weight loss plan can be helpful to you, but you need to determine whether it is safe to have certain types of raw food diet.

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