Power training on the indoor bike

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Regardless of whether you want to lose weight, improve endurance, train your legs and arms or simply let off steam, whether in summer or winter: Spinning is a real evergreen among workouts. And for a good reason:

What is spinning?

Spinning is an endurance training on specially developed, permanently mounted bicycles, so-called bicycle ergometers. The training is usually carried out in a group of 20-40 people and instructed by a trainer. The training group drives to the dream figure at intervals with motivating music. Depending on the course and level of ability, super-intensive sprints are also made during spinning and even dumbbells are used. So spinning is the perfect combination of burning fat and building muscle at the same time. The end of the spinning should be a little stretching round to bring the body down and avoid sore muscles.

Would you prefer to bike to your own playlist in your living room instead of spinning in the gym? This is possible with a bicycle ergometer. Our tip: Ultrasport F-Bike, fitness bike for spinning at home, 100 euros from amazon.de

How effective is spinning?

Spinning is one of the most popular workouts for a reason. With indoor cycling you not only burn a lot of calories and stimulate fat burning, but also do something good for your endurance and leg muscles.

This is exactly why spinning appeals to so many people. Regardless of whether you want to lose weight, work out or improve your fitness for the next tennis tournament: Spinning is always the right choice. Spinning is also suitable for those who have not done any sport in a long time. Because each course participant chooses the intensity of the training themselves. The resistance can be set individually on each ergometer and can also be adjusted during training. In combination with a heart rate monitor, you can train your cardiovascular system perfectly and get started with sport gently.

Jacob Lund / Shutterstock.cpm

Spinning is gentle on the joints.

In spinning, gentle is an important keyword anyway. Unlike other endurance sports such as jogging, spinning is extremely easy on the joints. If you have problems with your knees, back or hips, you can try spinning without hesitation, as the transmission is much more fluid than on a normal road bike thanks to the flywheel of the ergometer. This makes it possible to step on the pedals very evenly and is extremely gentle on the joints.

What do you train in spinning?

Those who attend a spinning course will above all improve their endurance. The interval training, a sequence of fast sprints and slower but more force-intensive “mountain drives” really demands the cardiovascular system. Don’t forget a towel, because sweat is guaranteed to flow here!

Another good reason to go spinning is that the bottom is really nicely shaped, because indoor cycling is aimed fully at the gluteal muscles. Certainly a welcome aspect of exercise for some women!

Nowadays spinning is much more than just pedaling. The trainers combine cycling with arm movements that train the back, arms and coordination. Dumbbells are often used on top to guarantee a balanced full-body workout.

At the end of a spin lesson, you should definitely stretch to avoid sore muscles the next day. The spinning bike offers the perfect basis for this: one leg on the handlebars or on the “luggage rack” and you can stretch your muscles well.

How many calories do I burn while spinning?

Let’s not kid ourselves: spinning is brutally exhausting even for athletic people. But all the sweat and the effort are really worth it. Because you burn between 400 and 700 calories per spinning hour. A lot of fat is burned there!

But it’s not just the calorie balance that lets you leave the studio lively, the endorphins that are released during the lesson are also a real good mood booster. Many studios already offer their first course at 7 a.m.: This is how you start your day-to-day work lively and full of energy.

Spinning is not only a great workout for physical fitness, but also a real hit for mental strength. There is hardly any other workout that you can relieve as much stress as with spinning. With indoor cycling, especially after a packed and stressful day at work, you can clear your head perfectly, because the group and the instructor drive you to top performance.

Bojan Milinkov / Shutterstock.cpm

Training in a group pushes you to peak performance.

You need that for spinning

Spinning is mostly done in a gym in a training group. For the spinning course you need a towel and shoes suitable for the ergometer. The good thing: Most studios already offer a towel and cycling shoes as a service. It depends on whether you need special cycling shoes that can be clicked into place or normal sports shoes. It is best to ask what you need before your first lesson in the studio.

As far as clothing is concerned, you should, as far as you feel comfortable with it, wear clothing that is too close to the body. So there is no risk of tangling. Another plus point of tight clothing is the better body feeling and freedom of movement.

Tip: The bike brand Uglyfrog has great bike outfits in its range that are suitable for indoor use and are available in many stylish patterns. For example this short jersey set with hearts (from 34 euros at amazon.de)

The trainer then provides the appropriate music. It’s best to try different courses to see which trainer suits you best. Because: Every trainer has their own playlist and their own training sequence. This makes spinning a real experience!

Spinning 2.0 .: Hicycle, Soulcycle, Becycle and Co.

In New York, spinning has long become a workout for all ultra-modern women. Hardly any business lady does not go to indoor cycling before or after work. The studios are also filled with courses for 80-150 bikes on weekends. Because: The new spinning concepts à la “Soulcycle” are not just about cycling, but also partying. The rooms are darkened, equipped with disco balls and neon lighting. The music is absolutely suitable for parties and the vibes are unbeatable. This turns strenuous spinning into a real party on the bike.

These special spinning concepts have also existed in Germany for a few years and are taking over more and more cities. From Hamburg to Berlin to Munich: spinning is booming!

Interview with Hicycle founder Michaela Cordes

Michaela Cordes brought modern spinning from New York to Hamburg-Eppendorf. With Hicycle she offers an exciting training experience on the indoor bike.

Why did you want to bring a different kind of spinning to Hamburg?

“I lived in New York City for a few years and accompanied a friend to Soulcycle, the hippest spinning club in town. I was immediately impressed because the course was extremely strenuous, but at the same time very motivating and energetic. I had something like that Never experienced it before. I was convinced that something like this was still missing in Germany. Since I have always lived in Hamburg-Eppendorf, I wanted to give the women (and men) this special training here. ”

Jacob Lund / Shutterstock.com

Fully in focus when spinning: firm thighs and a firm bottom.

What is the difference between the hicycle concept and normal spinning?

“The mood is completely different. When I took ‘normal’ spinning courses, the trainer only gave instructions very sporadically. And the music wasn’t really thrilling either. Hicycle is a party on the bike – from the lighting, the equipment and For the instructors, everything is geared towards good mood and good humor. This motivates and drives the participants to their best performance. The rather dark lighting situation also creates more privacy. Everyone can train at their own level without standing on the presentation plate. ”

What do I have to consider when spinning as a beginner?

“Very important: Eat and drink enough beforehand! Because spinning really boosts fat burning. The body needs sufficient reserves that it can fall back on. And please bring something to drink with you to the course not dehydrated.

For those who have not yet fully familiarized themselves with the bike, we also offer special beginners’ courses in which the ergometers and the various intervals are implicitly explained again. Otherwise I have only one advice: let go, accelerate and have fun! ”

Are there people who shouldn’t go spinning?

Sports enthusiasts who have recently had knee surgery should consult their doctor before visiting a hicycle and get advice on how high they can turn the resistance on the bike. Otherwise, the following applies: Hicycle is probably the most joint-friendly way of doing cardio training.

Spinning is the ideal calorie killer with a fun factor! If you want to burn a lot of calories, work up a sweat and have fun at the same time, the spinning course is the right choice. Here, regardless of the weather, season and fitness level, you can pedal hard and get the endorphins to bubble.

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