Online yoga: the best apps and providers put to the test

The smell of incense sticks, the soothing music in the background and all around barefoot yogis who stretch, stretch and relax … do you miss your favorite yoga studio so much and can’t wait to roll out your mat again with like-minded people? Understandable. It’s the same with us!

But until then there is luckily a great alternative: online yoga! Since Corona at the latest, the virtual yoga studios have been revitalized and meanwhile there is an incredibly diverse range of apps that bring the Ommmm into your living room. We have tested the best for you and reveal which tools can transform your home into a well-equipped yoga studio in no time at all.

What do I need for my yoga session at home?

Whether you need equipment depends entirely on the type of yoga you choose. Experience has shown that you only need:

  • a yoga mat
  • comfortable clothing consisting of yoga tight, yoga bra and top
  • a yoga block

For quieter types of yoga, such as yin yoga, where you spend a relatively long time in individual poses, you also need a yoga strap and a bolster. A meditation pillow makes it easier for you to find a comfortable seat during breathing and meditation exercises. Each yoga session usually ends with a so-called Shavasana, a final relaxation in the supine position. So that you don’t freeze in the end tension, always have a pair of socks, a warm sweater or a cozy blanket ready.

Which Online Yoga Providers Are The Best?

Finding your way in the virtual yoga jungle is sometimes not that easy. So that you can find exactly the right app for your yogi needs, we have tested the best-known providers.

1. Yoga Easy

Yoga Easy Yoga App

Yoga Easy / PR

The Yoga Easy app has something for everyone – from yoga novices to teachers.

What does the app offer?

The design is appealing and at the same time very simple, which makes it self-explanatory to use it on the smartphone and in the browser version on the laptop. Yoga Easy offers a variety of yoga videos and programs from beginner to advanced level. If you want to become a member or register, you can do this easily and quickly.

How much does membership cost?

Very cheap for the offer – 16 euros for a 1-month pass, 80 euros for 6 months (13.33 per month) or 130 euros for 12 months (10.83 per month). If you like, you can currently try Yoga Easy for 2 weeks free of charge.

Who is Yoga Easy for?

Since only recorded videos are included in the subscription at no extra charge, you should already have a few basic knowledge. Otherwise there is something for everyone – from yoga novices to teachers: beginners courses, meditation, yoga for health and sports, pregnancy and postnatal training, live recordings. You are sure to find what you are looking for in the large number of yoga programs with videos and background information on the topic – for example, sleep better with yoga, yoga for the immune system or chakra power.

2. Alo moves

Yoga app Alo Moves


At Alo Moves you practice with international yoga teachers in stylish locations.

What does the app offer?

When you register, you can voluntarily decide whether you want to fill out a short questionnaire, which the app can use to recommend videos tailored to your personal needs. The questionnaire is about your yoga preferences, skills, your level, your goals and your teaching style. In total, you have access to over 2400 videos. In addition to yoga, you can also do HIIT, barre, Pilates and meditation classes.

How much does membership cost?

A monthly membership currently costs 19.99 euros, with an annual subscription it is a total of 219.99 euros, i.e. 18.33 euros per month. If you are lucky, you will catch a phase with a 10 percent discount.

Who is Alo Moves for?

Since the entire range of courses is only available in English, the app is particularly suitable for yogis with a good knowledge of English. In terms of practice, there is a wide range of courses with internationally known teachers for both beginners and experienced, advanced yoga practitioners. The great thing: Both the app and the browser version are designed to be super clear. Thanks to the filter, you can select duration, teacher, yoga style, experience level and intensity and use this to find the right videos for you.

3. Skill Yoga

Yoga App Skill Yoga

Skill Yoga / PR

The Skill Yoga app is aimed primarily at athletes who want to improve their skills with the help of yoga.

What does the app offer?

Skill Yoga is athletic and demanding with a clear and straightforward approach. At the same time, the app can also be used as a cool-down for workouts and then focus on breathing and guided meditations. The app is in English, but can be used intuitively.

How much does membership cost?

The various subscription offers are comparatively cheap. If you take out a 3-month membership, Skill Yoga costs 41.99 euros, i.e. around 13.99 euros per month. 6-month subscriptions cost 64.99 euros, i.e. 10.83 euros per month. An annual subscription costs 89.99 euros, i.e. 7.49 euros per month.

Who is Skill Yoga for?

Skill Yoga is mainly aimed at athletes who want to use yoga to push their mobility, strength and flexibility, but there is something for every yoga level and every form of the day. Admittedly, the fact that mainly men do the exercises in the app makes the overall picture look very masculine. But this does not harm the fun and learning factor. Only a good knowledge of English is required.

4. Asana Rebel

Yoga app Asana Rebel


Asana Rebel is aimed at users who want to increase their fitness with yoga exercises.

What does the app offer?

Asana Rebel is not a classic yoga app, but rather a fitness app that increases your fitness with the help of yoga moves. The focus is less on relaxation and breathing exercises, but rather on the asanas (yoga poses). The design of the app is modern and the videos are very aesthetic. On top of that, the Pro version of Asana Rebel offers various challenges from 7 to 21 days as well as recipes, meditations, sleep meditations and relaxing focus playlists.

How much does membership cost?

If you take out an annual subscription, Asana Rebel costs just 4.91 euros per month. If you prefer to try the app for 3 months, you can get it for 37.99 euros, i.e. 12.66 euros per month.

Who is Asana Rebel for?

Asana Rebel is suitable for users who want to lose weight with the help of the app, build a healthy lifestyle and get fit overall. Because most flows are quite demanding, the app is recommended for yogis with a good basic knowledge. At the beginning and at the end of each video you can choose whether you want to do the warm-up and the cool-down. So if you like to save time and if the relaxation factor is not so important to you, then Asana Rebel is the right choice.

5. Down Dog

Yoga app Down Dog

ImYanis /

Down Dog is a classic yoga app that offers over 60,000 configuration options.

What does the app offer?

Before each practice, you can determine the yoga type, level, Shavasana length, speed and the focus of the session, for example core power, hip flexor stretches or twists. On top you choose the speaker’s voice, the music and the level of detail of the instructions. This results in over 60,000 different configurations. With Down Dog you always get a new yoga practice and never do the same exercise video twice.

How much does membership cost?

With a simple monthly subscription, membership costs 10.99 euros once. Anyone who opts for an annual subscription currently pays EUR 65.99, or EUR 5.49 per month. The special thing about Down Dog: If you are low-paid or have another reason why you cannot afford the app, you can enter your concern when registering and Down Dog will try to find a solution.

Who is Down Dog suitable for?

Down Dog is suitable for everyone who is looking for a classic yoga app without a lot of chichi. The app is very clear and structured and offers everything that yogis could wish for. Because you can re-focus your focus on training specific body parts, breathing techniques or skills for each course, nothing to be desired is left unfulfilled. However, if you also value fitness training with barre, HIIT and the like in addition to yoga, you should prefer another app.

Which other yoga providers are there?

Since yoga studios across Germany were unable to offer on-site training in the wake of the corona lockdown, most studios have added live classes to their offer. You can register for a yoga class in a studio of your choice through providers such as Urban Sports Club (from 29.00 euros per month) or Eversports (average 12 euros per live class) and take part live – with or without yours Turn on the camera.

The yoga sessions are relatively expensive compared to the apps, but you support small studios in your area and help them with your contribution to continue to exist after Corona. And hand on heart: a live class is at least a bit more like a visit to your good old favorite yoga studio.

Now it’s your turn! Choose your perfect yoga motivation booster from our tested portals, roll out the mat and off you go! Each of the apps offers countless yoga sessions and definitely has the right practice for your Ommm taste.

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