Not just for power couples: This is how training works for two

Time for two is valuable and currently many couples spend more time together than usual. And that shouldn’t just be sat out on the sofa. So why not use (Valentine’s) Day to do some sport together? It is worth it!

That’s something completely different from the typical couple stuff, I promise. Here we show you why you should generally spend part of your quality time training together more often and which partner exercises are suitable for this. And how about a great gift for yourself? You can train yourself slim and sporty in 8 weeks – without any equipment.

Why is a partner workout useful?

First of all, joint training brings fun and variety to the sometimes very routine sports routine. But there are other reasons for a duo workout, here are the 4 main ones:

1. Sweating together welds you together

Couples who fight their way through their workout side by side or try out new sports together have a more intensive partnership even after the well-deserved shower.

“Having the same goals and achieving them together creates a tremendous bond,” says personal trainer Nina Romm. “And it’s a sensational team building,” adds her colleague Niko Schmitz ( They both know what they’re talking about: They don’t just combine work and training – they are also a really strong couple in real life.

2. You train differently with your partner

Get out of the cozy studio routine and into the fun of the couple: “We tend to motivate each other to do things that we don’t like to do alone,” says fitness expert Romm.

An example: Your sweetheart likes to train with dumbbells? When you do our partner workout together, you don’t just do something for your muscles as usual, but also balance, flexibility and explosive strength. In return, with the joint session, you also give the triceps, biceps and chest the attention they deserve and complete an extra strength unit – a win-win situation for both of you.

3. Together you can hold out longer

Studies show: Those who train together can last longer and clench their teeth harder. The additional incentive arises from the accompaniment as if by itself.

Just one more push-up? Can you do it easily when he cheers you on! Are your legs shaking already? You hardly notice when you see that his are already shaking! Prefer to train with a friend? How to find the right training partner.

4. Exercising together makes you want more

This does not mean that in the future you should only jog as a couple and also have to share your favorite yoga class. You do your own thing as before. Going it alone is important in sport as in relationships – in order to fully enjoy the power partnership again. And now you can do that twice. Because: Sport makes you want more.

The reason is the endorphins that flood the body. They make you happy. Whoever pours them out together as a couple, automatically connects the feeling of happiness with each other – that strengthens the bond. Good or?

In addition, there is another positive effect: after training you feel more comfortable in your skin, your body is more beautiful – and you are ready to show the other person exactly that. “Exercise also changes brain activity, you think less analytically, you are more creative and more receptive to being caressed,” our expert duo knows. And your darling feels the same way, and you benefit from each other accordingly.

This is how our partner workout works

It all sounds fine and good. But you have a friend and are wondering how you should train with him on an equal footing when he is so much stronger? Get on the man! Our partner workout works solely with body weight – there is nothing you can do about that.

What you can influence, however, are the load time and speed of execution. “Physical differences between men and women then no longer play a role,” says Romm. So show him who has the stamina. A small competition is a great motivator to surpass yourself.

The best partner exercises for you and your loved one

We have selected 8 exercises with which you can work according to 2 different methods: Do you want to become stronger? In strength endurance training, you complete 12 repetitions or a total load duration of at least 70 seconds per set. Do you prefer it snappy? Then do 10 reps and do them explosively.

For 2 of the exercises you need a medicine ball. You can order a model with studio quality that also makes a great Valentine’s Day present here.

So grab your loved one and power through our workout together! You both get fit and at the same time give your love life a powerful push. Very big feelings!

a) Stand facing each other, feet hip width apart. Put your weight on your heels, push your pelvis back, bring your buttocks far down and move your arms backwards to gain momentum. Keep your core firm and your upper body upright.

b) At the same time jump up explosively from the squat position and clap your partner’s outstretched arms. Squat straight after landing.

a) Stand across from your partner with your feet about shoulder width apart and your knees slightly bent. With both hands
take your partner’s hands.

b) Now shift your body’s center of gravity forward, keep your upper body stable. Synchronously move your arms outwards and bring your weight to the forefoot. Maintain body tension and open your arms as much as possible. Then press forcefully back into the starting position with your arms straight.

a) Stand with your backs hip-width apart. One of you is holding a medicine ball in front of your chest. Then lean against each other and at the same time move your feet forward until your thighs are horizontal. Build core tension and stabilize the upper body.

b) Turn your upper body to the right and pass the ball to your partner. Then turn to the left and receive the ball again. Continue at a brisk pace. Switch sides halfway through.

a) Lie on your back, put your feet up, stretch both arms out over your head and grab a medicine ball. The partner stands in front of your feet.

b) Build core tension, press your spine firmly on the floor, bring the ball in front of your body with your arms straight. Lift your head and upper back off the mat and throw the ball to your partner with swing. Hold your upper body up, receive the ball from your partner, lower your upper body and extend your arms back above your head. Do not put the ball down, but come up again and throw it to your partner.

The partner goes into the push-up position. Tense your buttocks and torso firmly. Arms and legs are straight and your eyes are directed downwards. Don’t sink into your shoulders! You lean on his ankles, lift one leg and place one foot on his shoulder, then the other leg and the other foot. Hold position.

a) Lie on your back with your head between your partner’s feet, each hand gripping one of his ankles. Now bend your hips and lift both legs straight up. The partner holds their feet there.

b) Now the partner explosively pushes the legs towards the floor. Catch the legs with body tension before they touch the floor or the loin area separates from the floor. Come back powerfully to the starting position and repeat the whole thing.

a) On the knees, the upper body remains upright, long and stable under tension. Bend your arms in front of your chest. The partner kneeling behind it fixes the feet firmly on the floor.

b) Tense your torso and slowly lean your upper body forward as far as possible. The pelvis remains upright, the gaze
is directed forward towards the ground.

a) Stand feet shoulder width apart, about 1 meter apart. Keep your upper body upright, bend your knees softly and hold your partner’s wrists with your hands.

b) Now bend your knees at the same time, push your buttocks backwards and lower them until your thighs are at least parallel to the floor. Then straighten up again and move up and down in flowing movements.

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