Learn about the importance of ‘mindful eating’ in the midst of the pandemic

A good diet could reduce the risk of complications in the event of a possible infection.

Nutrition in the midst of the pandemic has been one of the most relevant issues, not only due to weight gain during confinement, but also because of the importance of consuming the necessary nutrients to maintain an optimal immune system.

The nutritionist Y Health Coach Mariamelia araya He explained how the pandemic has made it clear that “my body is my temple.”

By taking care of health and nutrition it is possible to reduce the risk of infection and complications in the event of a possible contagion.

“If I can feed myself adequately and sufficiently, I will achieve a better nutritional and health status, thus reducing the risk of morbidity and mortality. A stronger immune system has a big impact on how we feel and how we perform our daily activities, ”said Araya.

What is it “Mindful eating” or conscious eating.

The “mindful eating” or conscious eating is a practice that seeks to focus attention on the present moment when eating.

It focuses on being in an environment as calm and relaxed as possible, focusing on all the sensations that food awakens.

“As currently people do not take mealtime as a valuable moment, but as one more activity, conscious eating takes a lot of strength and becomes relevant as a response to our busy lives,” mentioned the Health 360 nutritionist.

According to specialists, in the country it is very common to associate going to a nutritionist to lose weight or improve the percentage of fat, however, the support provided by professionals goes further.

“For example, in children and adolescents it is vitally important not to compromise development and growth, since their energy demand is very high, due to the stage of life in which they are. In addition, a professional in nutrition can give the necessary recommendations according to the type, time and intensity in which exercise is carried out ”, explained the doctor, Giovanna Piccolo, specialist in Sports Nutrition in Salud 360.

Most common myths

There are many myths around nutrition, for example, that you have to follow diets to “detoxify or cleanse” the body, “that rice makes you fat”, “that nutritionists do not let patients eat bread”, “that they are going to spend eating only salads “,” that fast food and desserts are prohibited “,” eating healthy is expensive “,” that you have to replace dinners with shakes “and it is a long and endless list.

According to Piccolo, diets or nutritional plans, contrary to the myths that surround it, are personalized, this in order to meet the energy and nutrient needs of each person, also taking into account the level of physical activity and lifestyle. lifetime.

“It is not the same to go to a department store to buy a suit that more or less fits well, than to go to a tailor to make a custom-made suit. With food it works the same. Eating anything and in any quantity is not the same as being able to eat just what my body needs, “said the specialist.

To start a healthy change in the way you eat, it is important to do it with small changes that can be achieved, some of the tips are: do not label food as good or bad, do not deprive yourself all the time of eating foods that you like and do not say that “they are on a diet” because that phrase carries many negative connotations.

Anxiety and its effects

In addition, anxiety is one of the most common diseases today, according to nutrition experts many people suffer from anxiety because they sleep little, eat very little, restrict foods they like, leave a lot of time without eating or do a lot of physical activity to what they eat.

This awakens alarm and survival systems in the body, which translates into a feeling of anxiety or despair about eating foods high in calories, sugars, white flour, foods high in fat, among others.

“After reviewing what is causing the anxiety, we must take the appropriate measures such as an adequate sleep plan, correct the energy imbalance, ensure that there is an intelligent distribution of food during the day, adjust the diet according to the caloric expenditure of the person and improve the nutritional density of the diet, changing products high in empty calories, for foods high in valuable nutrients ”, Piccolo concluded.

Implementing a correct diet, according to specialists, allows to avoid complications of any disease that could appear in the future.

Source: Teletica

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