Laxatives for Weight Loss: Is it a safe way to Weight Loss?

Laxatives for Weight Loss
How to lose weight with laxatives safely ?

Laxatives for weight loss have become popular among the masses. There are different Side Effects of Laxative in the Process of Weight Loss as well. learn how to lose weight with laxatives safely.

Laxatives for weight loss have become popular among the masses wherein varied kinds of laxatives are now successfully used by people to have weight management as per one’s requirement. However, it is advised to consult a physician so that correct and effective kinds of weight loss laxatives can be put to use to derive the desired type of results as per one’s need.

What are Laxatives, and How do they Assist in Weight Loss?

Laxatives are food-based elements that are consumed by people to improve bowel movements. On an average scale, intake of laxatives is done to deal with the medical condition like constipation. But nowadays, the absorption of these compounds is required. Measures also prove helpful to an individual to lose weight. Though many medical scholars do not support the idea of the consumption of laxatives for weight management, these are still utilized by many health care professionals across the world. This is mainly because a very high intake of laxatives is likely to cause diarrhea. As laxatives are very active elements, their intake in any form, such as either in oral form or through suppository consumption should be done cautiously.

Different Types of Weight Loss Laxatives

Intake of laxatives can be done either in the form of pills, supplements, syrups, tablets or in the way of tea. Some of the most common yet effective kinds of popularly consumed laxatives are as under:

  • Emollient laxatives – Intake of emollient laxatives plays a vital role in the process of weight reduction. Moreover, they are safe and effectively increase the passage of water in the intestinal tract as well as in the colon region. To notice the desired results, you may need to wait for around one week as the results do take that much time.
  • Lubricant laxatives – Intake of lubricant laxatives proves useful for those individuals who suffer from the problem of constipation. Consumption of such kinds of laxatives helps to have a smooth bowel movement as lubricant laxatives contain mineral oils in ample quantity.
  • Saline laxatives – Saline laxatives are also one of the best types of laxatives that helps the process of weight loss is a significant way. By consuming saline type laxatives, soft stool gets released. This happens as the saline laxatives contain an adequate amount of magnesium compounds, phosphates, and sulfates. Therefore, it is suggested to take care properly while consuming these types of laxatives.
  • Slimming Tea – Consumption of slimming tea laxative is one of the most popular things, as it does prove efficient in the process of weight loss as per one’s requirement. It is readily available in the market and can be ordered on-line as well. Moreover, the product is affordable which does possess very positive responses from the users, as they have received incredibly well results concerning the efficient loss of weight.

How to lose weight with laxatives safely

When consumed in adequate measures and incorrect form, varied kinds of laxatives do affect the process of fats absorption. This happens as the laxatives don’t get absorbed by the small intestines. Moreover, when consumed correctly, laxatives help to increase the exact pace of food digestion and elimination of wastes from the human body. However, laxatives lead to conditions like ‘greasy diarrhea’ , which in turn helps to lose weight in a slow yet steady manner. Besides this, there are certain limitations, as well. Too much intake of laxatives for a prolonged period proves detrimental to the human body as it causes medical conditions like dehydration and leads to other severe medical conditions like chronic diarrhea and gastrointestinal disorders. Besides this, severe damage to the colonic nerve cells is also caused wherein the natural ability of the colon to eliminate feces does get affected.

Side Effects of Laxative in the Process of Weight Loss

  • An overdose of laxatives leads to severe damages to the GI Tract that could be permanent.
  • Laxative also weakens and softens bones. This condition is known as ‘osteomalacia.’

Though laxatives meant for weight reduction have the side mentioned above effects, they do possess many advantages as compared to the various other methods of weight management. You can quickly shed the desired quantity of pounds safely and effectively without causing any changes in your routine and day-to-day biological processes. As your digestion process gets accelerated and improved, elimination of wastes and burning of fats becomes an easy task. Besides this, an individual is not required to make any changes in the kind of foods that are consumed on a general basis by a person. By this, it means that an individual can continue to eat the foods of his/her liking. Consumption of correct kind of laxatives for weight loss in required measures helps in the elimination of fats and carbohydrates and does not lead to their storage in the human body.

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