Knackpo workout: training for a firm butt

At the next girls’ evening, just ask the group which part of the body your friends would like to get in better shape. Bet most of them will yell “Po” ?! But even those who see their biggest body building site elsewhere will certainly devote a lot of time to their very best in training.

The buttocks are not exactly a neglected part of the body. The appearance and fit of some items of clothing depends on a firm bottom. And more importantly, a well-trained buttock is good for your health and well-being, as it prevents back pain and contributes to good, healthy posture. With a few exercises, the bottom can be shaped and trained very effectively. You will find 3 of them in our Knackpo workout – and this ingenious plan gives you all of them right away.

Crisp jeans bottom in 8 weeks – our effective training plan

What are the benefits of buttocks exercises?

The “gluteus maximus muscle” (the gluteus muscle) does more work than you might be aware of: It is involved in all everyday movements such as running, jumping or lifting and, due to its size, is the number 1 fat burning center in the body.

But low stress, for example from sitting at a desk for hours, can atrophy the muscle. Not only can it look unsightly, it can also lead to pain in your lower back and knees. Nobody wants that! But don’t worry – you can easily compensate for this weak point with targeted buttock exercises.

Which buttock exercises are really effective?

There are countless exercises for a beautiful, round back. Some are more effective and some are less effective. In general, it is important to train all of the buttocks muscles as much as possible, not just the large buttock muscles, but also the medium and small ones (gluteus medius and minimus muscles).

Since the gluteus can only be as strong as the muscles that surround it, you should also train your legs and back. All together make the thing round. Effective buttocks exercises include:

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Deadlift
  • Hip raises
  • Floor scales

If you click through our picture gallery, you will discover 3 great exercises that really challenge your 4 letters. You want more? You can find all information about our comprehensive buttocks training plan here.

What do I need for a butt workout?

If you want to do the butt workout in the home gym, you can basically train wonderfully without equipment. Beginners in particular can only do the exercises in our picture gallery with bodyweight, i.e. without additional weights.

But if you already have a certain basic fitness and want to intensify your training, then you can either provide additional weight with water bottles, books and the like, or you can invest in a few dumbbells. For the exercises in our picture gallery, for example, you need a barbell and a dumbbell. Models with adjustable weights are best so that you can gradually increase the intensity of the exercises.

Those who train intensively shouldn’t neglect regeneration either. Try to get plenty of exercise on your break, go for a walk, swim, or ride a bike. As a result, your muscles are better supplied with blood and the regeneration of the muscle cells is accelerated. To prevent muscular imbalances, you should also regularly roll yourself out with a fascia roller or a fascia ball. You can read exactly how this works here.

How often should you incorporate buttock exercises?

You should integrate buttock exercises into your workout in 2 to 3 training units per week. It is important that you give your glutes enough time to properly regenerate between the training days – the minimum is 1 day, but 2 rest days are better.

Especially as a beginner, you should give your muscles the time they need to get used to the new load. Sore muscles are inevitable, but if you start gently and increase your training intensity slowly and carefully, you can keep it in check.

How do I do the butt workout?

This is how it works: It’s best to do a reasonable warm-up beforehand and then do the 3 exercises. You start with exercise number 1 and do 8 to 12 repetitions. This is followed by exercise number 2 with 12 to 15 repetitions, which you perform slowly and in which you go nice and deep.

Then it gets super intense, because exercise number 3 follows to burn out. You do as many repetitions as possible – and 5 more. You do a total of 3 rounds per exercise and a break of 30 seconds between each set. Integrate this mini workout into your training routine 3 days a week.

Do you want to get your butt in top shape? It’s guaranteed to work with our highly effective butt training plan.

It’s time to use your full butt potential: With our tips and the 3 exercises on the following pages you will get your buttocks on the way to becoming a real eye-catcher.

a Sit in front of a bench with a barbell on your hip and lean your shoulder blades against the bench. Stand your feet hip-width apart. Build body tension.

b Now push the hips up dynamically until the upper body and thighs form a line, consciously tense the gluteal muscles again at the top and then slowly lower them again, but do not put them down.

8 to 12 repetitions

a A little more than hip width, the toes point slightly outwards. Hold a dumbbell in front of your body with both hands, tense your core firmly.

b Slowly lower the bottom back and down. Keep your back straight and actively pull your shoulders back. Just before the dumbbell hits the floor, hold it down briefly and then dynamically come up again.

Go deeply, deliberately slow, 12 to 15 repetitions

a Lie on your right side, bend your legs slightly and lay them down, support yourself on your elbows.

b Now lift your left leg at an angle. Hold up briefly and lower again. As many repetitions as possible. If you can no longer: change sides.

There should be the same number of repetitions on each side. Guide value: 10 repetitions

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