Ideal for at home: that’s why you need a fitness band

Exercising with a bunch of colorful rubber bands? Doesn’t sound so appealing at first glance. Fitness bands or fitness tubes are the ideal way to do a short and crisp full-body workout anywhere.

The great thing about the ribbons is that they fit in every pocket and are super versatile at the same time. So you can use them very easily in the park or at home to target different muscle groups.

In addition, they are cheaper than any other fitness device. Depending on what type of fitness band you have, you can do different exercises. Here we will show you which options you have and which one is best for you.

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What do I have to consider when buying fitness bands?

Even if it seems to be a super simple part, there are a few important points to consider when buying a fitness band:

  • The right quality prevents the band from smelling like rubber (and possibly getting that smell on you) after your workout. Plus, you can be so sure that the ligaments won’t tear and injure you.
  • The strength of the resistance determines how intense the training with the fitness bands is. It is possible to grip the ligaments a little tighter, so start with a slightly lower resistance and then work your way up.
  • The right length corresponds at least to your height. But it is better to use a tape that is too long than one that is too short, if necessary you can change your grip or shorten the Thera bands quickly with scissors.
  • Correct execution is particularly important for free exercises and in the home gym, such as with the resistance bands! With a professional briefing, a training buddy or a mirror, you can protect yourself from bad posture.

Fitness bands can be easily integrated into your home workout. Here we show you how to train easily and effectively at home.

What kind of fitness bands are there?

There are differences between the individual resistance bands in terms of both material and shape. You can usually choose between latex, natural rubber or an elastomer. They all have their specific areas of application and you can choose the model that best suits your training goals. You have the following options:

The classic is particularly versatile


The classic Theraband can be knotted, shortened or attached to the door – there are no limits to your imagination.

What can the classic Thera-Band do?

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The classic fitness or Thera-band is simply a long band made of rubber or caoutchouc. Depending on where you grab it or how you knot it, you have an extremely large number of options here to design your exercises. In the long state, you can do rows, arm curls or squats with arm extensors, for example. Knotted together as a ring, you can use it for kickbacks and pull-ups. You can also use these fitness bands for yoga or pilates. Here we show you which bodyweight exercises you can spice up with fitness bands.

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Heat your squats with the smaller resistance loops.

Small loops for arms and legs


The woven straps are much tighter and do not roll up.

What do loops do for arms and legs?

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The smallest models are the ring-shaped resistance bands, which when laid flat are about 20 to 35 centimeters long. Due to its shape, you can wrap it around your legs or arms particularly well to do exercises such as squats, kickbacks or shoulder rotations.

Great loops for pull-ups


Pull-ups, core or partner training – the large loops are particularly effective for such exercises.

What can long loops do?

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The large loops are much longer, about a meter when laid flat. You can use them in a similar way to the classic thera bands, but they are also particularly practical for pull-ups. To do this, attach the band to the pull-up bar with a loop and then step into the loop. This facilitates and supports the pull-ups. With the large resistance bands, they are also great for partner exercises. This is how you can do your first pull-up.

Fitness tubes for a particularly secure hold


With the extensive expander sets you can do a lot more exercises.

What can tubes with hooks do?

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If you do a lot of exercises where you have to hold the resistance band particularly tightly in your hand, for example rowing, lateral raises or curls, a fitness room may be the right choice for you. Such expanders have handles on both sides, which make such exercises easier and, above all, safer. Leg exercises, on the other hand, are difficult with the tubes, but a door hook can help.

What can a fitness band do?

As simple as a resistance band looks, you can train every muscle in your body with it. The bands are used both for training with your own body weight and for dumbbell-like exercises. When rolled up, they take up practically no space after training, and you don’t have to worry about scratches on the floor or loud rumbling from other training equipment.

You can also use the bands outside: loop the Thera band or a large loop band around a tree, practice on a pull-up bar in the park or use it to stretch after outdoor training. As you can see, there are no limits to your imagination with the practical ribbons. Here you will find the 12 best exercises with the fitness band.

What do I have to consider when training with the resistance bands?

There are some important tips that you shouldn’t ignore when using the fitness band:

  • Grab it tight! If the band slips out of your hands or your foot, it can be very obvious.
  • Body tension must be during the whole training, otherwise it can happen that the resistance from the band pulls any muscle.
  • Start small! Work your way up in strength. The intensity of your resistance band is relatively limited. With the Thera bands in particular, you can still do a lot with skillful handles and knots, with the loops less. It’s good that the fitness bands are relatively cheap, so you can get a small set with different strengths for different exercises.

Fitness bands are probably the most practical exercise tool out there. Depending on your training needs, in addition to the classic, you have other models to choose from, with which you can train what, how and where you want.

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