Hula Hoop increases your fitness with fun

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Take thanks to the Hula Hoop? Yes, it almost sounds too good to be true! But it’s actually true: What used to be silly kid’s fun now brings you a slim waist and a super toned stomach. The movements not only look great, they also train the core. We spoke to influencer and hula hoop fan Charlotte Weise about how good hula hoops are for body and mind.

What is hula hoop?

Many people still know Hula Hoop from childhood: A plastic or wooden hoop is circled around one’s own body. This usually happens with a smooth swing of the hips, but it is also possible with the legs, arms or even the neck. Do you want to get in top shape by leaps and bounds? Get our super-effective skipping rope training plan.

Tire fun was invented in America in the late 1950s. A toy manufacturer there had decided to bring the first tire called “Hula Hoop” onto the market. The name was composed of “Hula”, a Hawaiian dance, and “Hoop”, the English term for tire. It’s hard to believe, but an unbelievable 25 million pieces of this simple play device were sold in 4 months.

For everyone who doesn’t have a hula hoop yet: Wooden tires are available for as little as 10 euros and you can get a plastic version that can be dismantled for around 36 euros – for example this one.

The hula hoop quickly became a hit in Germany too. Hardly any child or teenager did not have at least one tire. The hoop was also a real success in schools and kindergartens. What used to be done just for fun is now considered a real workout. Celebrities like Michelle Obama, Beyoncé and Zooey Dechanel also love hula hoops.

How can I learn Hula Hoop?

Just get started and train, practice makes perfect! Charlotte Weise wasn’t a professional from day one either. “I learned Hula Hoop at school back then, as well as juggling. And then I just kind of kept it and integrated it into my daily routine.”

With success: because their followers love dancing with the tire. “I quickly became known for my hula hoop videos, and my viewers on social media started doing hula hoops too.”

Is there a hula hoop workout?

Yes, it will be if you spend enough time with it. Hula Hoop is not only great fun, it also gets your body in great shape. Because: If you take 20 to 30 minutes of your time and let the tire circle around your hips, you will soon notice that it is really exhausting.

The cardiovascular system really gets going and the whole body is flooded with endorphins. Charlotte Weise: “I love to turn on music and then just go around with the hoop. It’s so liberating and really clears my head again. The feelings of happiness are priceless!”

What is the Hula Hoop trained?

In addition to the positive effect on the cardiovascular system (yes, hula hoop is a real endurance workout!), The hoop naturally also has great effects on your entire body. Everything becomes firmer and slimmer, blood flow to the skin is stimulated and coordination is trained.

Hula hoop

Boy_Phawat / Shutterstock

Hula Hoop is not only great fun, but also slimmer and tighter

During hula hoop training, the entire body is under tension in order to keep the hoop up for as long as possible. The muscles in the stomach, legs and bottom are really challenged. This will give you a super slim waist and a really tight stomach in the long run. And on top of that, lots of fun and a good mood.

It gets even better: perseverance is worthwhile in other ways. Because in one hour of Hula Hoop you can easily burn 900 calories. Madness! And here we show you another calorie killer move.

As a beginner, which hula hoop should I use?

Tyre is not just Tyre! There are big differences when it comes to hula hoops. They vary depending on the diameter, thickness, material, weight and add-ons. For example, there are very light, thin tires made of plastic. These are more suitable for experienced hula hoop fans. Since they are very light, it is relatively difficult to hold them up at first.

Then there are slightly heavier, thicker models that are also made of plastic. They are ideal for getting started, because thanks to their weight they hold well on the hips and are great for grooving.

You can find out the ideal size for the tire by “trying it on”. When it stands upright on the edge, it should reach roughly to your belly button, i.e. have a diameter of about 1 meter. It should be about 2.5 centimeters thick.

What Are Good Advanced Hula Hoops?

Those who are already good at training can, like Charlotte, use tires with that certain something. There are, for example, tires with integrated weights or massage nubs. That makes the workout effect with the Hula Hoop even bigger!

Charlotte Weise: “At the beginning, however, you’d better do without the weights, as that’s pretty difficult. Some followers have sent me photos of bruises they had from the tires with weights. You should definitely slow down here approach! ”

What should beginners watch out for when using the Hula Hoop?

Charlotte’s tip for beginners: “The best thing to do is to watch YouTube tutorials or Instagram videos from already practiced hula hoop girls. You can learn a lot of tricks there.” Deanne Love is one of the most famous YouTubers. The most important hashtags on Insta are #hulahoop #hoopdance #hooping #hoopersofinstagram and #hooper.

Hula hoop

LightField Studios / Shutterstock

Charlotte also recommends starting with a heavier tire. That sounds contradicting at first, because a heavier tire is more likely to fall to the ground. But that’s not at all like that: the heavier the tire, the easier it is to hold it up, you will see.

Sport and exercise can be a strenuous duty, or it can be child’s play. Hula Hoop brings back childhood memories, makes you fit and a lot of fun. Grab a tire and try it out!

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