How to lose weight fast in a week? Quick & Easy Weight Loss Tips

How to lose weight fast in a week? Quick & Easy Weight Loss Tips
How to lose weight fast in a week? Quick & Easy Weight Loss Tips

Have you ever been in a situation where you wish to lose weight in a short span of time?

Maybe there is a college reunion coming up, or perhaps you need to wear a slim-fitting dress for a friend’s wedding in a week?

Such scenarios ask for fast weight loss. You cannot rely on conventional dieting and exercise plans. There are newer diet and meal programs which help you slim down in no time.

On this article you will find some of the safest and scientific ways for fast weight loss:

  1. Slow Carbohydrate Diet

Tim Ferris introduced this diet in The 4-Hour Body. With the help of this diet, you can lose up to 15 lbs in a month (and even more if you follow a stringent diet routine). The idea in this diet is to avoid any starchy food from your diet and replace it with good quantities of legumes, sprouts, fresh veggies, and fruits.

While following this diet, you are supposed to avoid white starch altogether. Also, sugars and oily food is completely banned in this slimming plan. That means you are supposed to strictly stay away from milk, cheese, white rice, bread, honey, maple syrup, refined soy products, any preparation with sugar, deep-fried food, oatmeal, cornflakes, popcorn etc. Instead of these food items, you are supposed to eat healthy foods such as lean meat, eggs, chickpeas, fresh and raw vegetables (except potatoes and yams), brown rice, pigeon peas, citrus fruits (such as orange, sweet lime, and grapefruit), non-dairy dressings and dips etc.

This diet requires no physical exercise. It claims that you can lose the body fat provided you stay clear of the starch and white carbohydrate-rich food. Ferris says that to avoid the temptations and prevent the body for going into starvation mode, you can have a ‘cheat day’ once a week when you can indulge upon sweets, chips, fries etc. However, to get faster results, it is prudent that you stick to the diet plan completely.

  1. Scarsdale Diet Plan

This diet is proposed by Herman Tarnower, a physician from Scarsdale, New York with the co-author Samm Sinclair Baker. By following this diet in a prescribed cycle-format, you can lose up to 7 to 15 lbs weight. In this plan, you are supposed to follow a meal program for 14 days. Then the next 14 days you can increase your calorie intake. Scarsdale diet has a prescribed meal plan which tells you what you can eat in breakfast, lunch and dinner on everyday of the weak.


Each day of the week should have a different breakfast menu. You can choose from low-fat cottage cheese, cucumber, brown bread toast, and unsweetened coffee or tea (without dairy). Make sure you include half a grapefruit every day in your breakfast as it has the enzymes to burn down the calories.


Lunch is all about protein intake in the Scarsdale diet. You can include a combination of baked potatoes, low-fat cottage cheese, whole wheat bread, brown rice, broccoli soup, chives, boiled veggies such as zucchini, carrots, and mushrooms, scallions, baked soybeans etc.


Dinner should be a very light affair. Choose from eggplant assorted with chives, salads with non-sugar dressings, stewed veggies, half a portion of lean meat, clear vegetable soup etc.

Follow this meal plan for 14 days. Then you can include foods like small quantities of white bread, rice, cookies etc. in your meal. This moderately high-calorie intake can go on for the next 14 days.

  1. Grapefruit Diet Program

This is a highly popular low carbohydrate diet. It is also known as the Mayo Clinic Diet or Hollywood Diet. The most important thing to remember before following this diet is that if you are on any kind of medication, you need to consult your doctor to check if grapefruit can impair the remedy.

This diet plan lasts for 12 days, with two days off. By following this diet stringently, you can lose up to 3 to lbs in a week and more if you continue the cycle. This diet emphasizes eating protein-rich food. The breakfast should include ½ a grapefruit or ¼ glass of unsweetened grapefruit juice. Along with this, you can have two egg whites and beacon. In the lunch, team up the grapefruit with red meat and bowl of fresh salad. In the dinner, you can have half a grapefruit (or 4 oz unsweetened grapefruit juice) with seasoned vegetables and fish.

Many nutritionists, as well as physicians, criticize the grapefruit diet. It has an adverse long term effect on the body. Even though it is advisable to eat a grapefruit with the meal, many people are allergic to citrus fruits and over-consumption of grapefruit can lead to health-related issues.

  1. Cabbage Soup Diet

This diet involves a week-long meal plan, including cabbage soup made fresh everyday teamed up with raw veggies, lean meat, egg whites, legumes, salads, fruits (except banana), and sprouts. With the help of this diet, you can lose up to 4 kg in a week provided you follow the diet strictly without any ‘cheat’ day. However, many dietitians and nutrition experts pan this meal plan because according to them, the human body is not fit to lose so much weight in such an accelerated way. Also, they state that mainly the mass lost during this plan is water and is regained as soon as the dieter switches to solid food. Also, many dieters who follow this plan complain of feeling light-headed, nausea, and weakness. The electrolyte balance is cast offthe charts while following this diet.

While fast weight loss may sound too good and comfortable, remember that all these diet plans do not benefit you for the long term. Weight lost during these meal programs is usually gained back even faster than it is lost. So for a long term fitness and healthy body, it is recommended that you follow a regular diet and exercise every day.

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