How to get big results in small leaps

A skipping rope still reminds you of the time when you and your friends in the schoolyard called funny rhymes about the jumps? Just like you, the training tool has evolved and matured into a full-blown sport: rope skipping. Top fit athletes compete in national and international competitions in speed disciplines in which nobody can follow the rope with the naked eye.

What do the professionals get out of it by the way? An intensive cardio workout for the entire body, which also trains coordination and is incredibly fun. The release of happiness hormones is guaranteed afterwards. Our sophisticated jumping rope training plan gives you exactly these effects without requiring advanced technique and skills.

Why does jumping rope make you slim and fit quickly?

If you complete our 8-week plan, you will also have a lot of fun looking at your reflection in the mirror, because the workouts make you look (even) fitter in a hurry. In other words: defined and sporty and slim.

Why faster? Because the jumps (even at a low frequency) require a higher intensity than a continuous run. In addition, our plan includes targeted bodyweight exercises as a supplement as well as frequent changes of pace. It couldn’t be more effective.

Why slim When jumping, you use many of the largest muscles in your body (thighs, buttocks) and burn a lot of calories as a result.

Is jumping rope difficult?

No, Don `t worry! You don’t need to learn spectacular choreographies for our plan. Instead, a handful of basic tips (also included in the plan) are enough to get the most out of every workout.

Incidentally, this plan was developed by an absolute expert in this field: Marie-Luise von Gordon from Lüneburg. As a passionate rope skipper, she has not only taken part in several world championships, but is also a referee at German championships and with her team, the Funny Skippers, is a guest on various stages for show competitions.

What do I need for jumping rope?

To get started right away, in addition to our training plan, all you need is a standard plastic skipping rope (you can find good suggestions here). You can use it to train around 400 muscles in your body. Can you believe it? But that’s not all!

In the workouts you can also expect stability and strengthening exercises that will further improve your performance. In addition, the bodyweight elements ensure a stable core and leg muscles. The exercise instructions including pictures can be found at the end of the plan.

Our jump rope training plan gives your fitness an efficient all-round update – with visible consequences: a sporty, slim reflection. So it’s best to download the plan directly and dare to jump into your new fitness!

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