How to find the right bra for your sport

Regardless of whether it is during flow on the yoga mat or during marathon training: As the heart of the fitness outfit, the sports bra should offer optimal support and support during every training session. And please, without pinching.

In this guide, we will tell you why it is so important to wear a special sports bra during your workout, how you can find the right bra for every sport and how you can generally recognize a good sports bra.

How do I find the right sports bra?

It’s easy to get bogged down in the wide range of sports bras. So which one is the right one with a perfect fit and ideal fit? Take it easy, we’ll help you. It is important to query the most important criteria one after the other.

First of all, you have to distinguish which sports bra should be used. We’d best explain this using the most common sports, including examples:

Running: Sports bras with maximum support

Do you prefer to run a long lap through nature to clear your head? Then you know for sure how important it is to have the right support for your bra. Whether outdoors or indoors on the belt: Disturbing swinging movements of the breasts can tense the back and shoulders. A maximum hold and integrated bounce control therefore not only protect you from unwanted ups and downs, but also ensure relaxed muscles and protected connective tissue. Have a good run with these sports bras:

Anita Active Air Control Delta Pad

Anita Air Control Delta Pad


Order here: Air Control Delta Pad by Anita Active (€ 74.95)

Breathable sports bra made of light, air-permeable mesh material and side supports between the two-layer cups. The bra straps are ergonomic and adjustable. With a three-row closure on the back, the bra offers great support and can be easily adjusted to the size of the underbust.

Shock Absorber Run Bra

Ultimate Run Bra from Shock Absorber

Shock absorber / PR

Order here: Run Bra Padded by Shock Absorber (€ 54.95)

Sports bra for all-round support with strong breast support. This model is comfortable to wear thanks to the soft and seamless processing of the inner cups. The great thing: The wide straps are padded and adjustable in steps.

Odlo Seamless High-Support Sports Bralette

Odlo Seamless High Sports Bralette


Order here: Women’s seamless high from Odlo

This sports bralette is made of quick-drying, breathable functional material and, thanks to seamless processing, lies soft on the skin, so that chafing is avoided in problem areas. The seamless, elastic stretch material and a wide underbust band ensure reliable support. Thanks to the zipper at the front, the bra is easy to put on and take off.

Yoga: flexible sports bustiers

Breath in and breath out. When doing yoga and other workouts with flowing moves, you need a lot of freedom of movement. They give you soft, elastic materials as well as fits that nestle like a second skin. So everything sits perfectly – whether while the dog is looking down, the cobra or in the four-legged position. These pretty models are very close to your inner center:

Navy uni yoga bustier

Navy Uni Yoga Bustier


Order here: Yoga bustier by Marine Uni (39.00 €)

You can wear this beautiful bustier made of elastic organic cotton in the yoga studio, on the beach and anywhere else. It has a comfortable fit with adjustable straps and small ruffles at the cleavage.

Ambiletics yoga sports bra

Ambiletics Yoga Sports Bra Tropical


Order here: Yoga Sports Bra Tropical Tension by Ambiletics (55.00 €)

The Ambiletics sports bra ensures a soft feel and good support during workouts with moderate stress, such as yoga, Pilates or bodyweight training. The supportive underbust band offers a secure hold. Top in terms of sustainability: the material is made from recycled PET bottles and is breathable.

Puma yoga bra

Puma yoga bra


Order here: Yoga bra Amphora by Puma (€ 34.95)

With its narrow straps and the narrow racer back, this yoga bra offers just the right support for your yoga session. The fabric is made of hard-wearing fabric, the soft cups are preformed and the underbust band is pleasantly elastic. Tip: This yoga flow detoxifies the body.

Weight training: Relieving racerback bras

So that the chest does not become a disruptive factor during strength training, it needs a good fit, medium support and flexibility. This is mainly due to crossed straps, which shouldn’t be too narrow, and the so-called racerback. Thanks to these devices, the back is relieved even during demanding exercises and the cups do not slip. So you are well prepared for your strong training. Is the gym your second living room? Then this is your future homewear:

Under Armor Infinity Mid Printed

Under Armor Infinity Mid Printed Sports Bra


Order here: Infinity Mid Printed Sports Bra by Under Armor (€ 44.95)

The Infinity Mid Printed Sports Bra from Under Armor provides medium support with lightly padded cups and a wide chest band. It has a length-adjustable strap system with stylish lettering and a three-row fastener on the back. The stretch fabric offers optimal freedom of movement.

Adidas Designed4Training Aeroready Bra

Adidas Designed4Training Aeroready Bra


Order here: Designed4Training Aeroready Bra by Adidas (€ 39.95)

If you like to practice your fitness training and other medium-intensive sports in a camouflage look, this sports bra from Adidas is the right choice. The racer’s back with cut-out and wide straps offers support and is comfortable at the same time. The underbust band is medium-wide and made of an elastic polyester-elastane mix.

Reebok Lux Strappy Medium-Impact Sports Bra

Reebok Lux Strappy Medium Impact Sports Bra

Reebok / PR

Order here: Lux Strappy Medium-Impact Sports Bra by Reebok (€ 35.00)

The Lux Strappy Medium-Impact sports bra is designed for workouts with medium impact loads and is made of sweat-absorbing material that keeps you comfortably dry. Angled side seams and a wide underbust band ensure stability and support. The stretch straps and removable upholstery enable an individual fit. Inspiration: The 12 most important tips for strength training.

Boxing: Sports bras with strong support

Everyday stress can be reduced particularly efficiently with boxing training. When punching or skipping, you move your arms intensely and strain your chest by constantly jumping up and down – so a strong hold is important. Thanks to high compression, flat seams and pre-shaped cups, these bras offer everything for your dynamic and active training:

Triumph Triaction Energy Lite N

Triaction Energy Lite N sports bra


Order here: Triaction Energy Lite N from Triumph

This model provides great support – even during extreme sports – and feels like a second skin thanks to innovative materials and a spacer cup quality. The front part is made of supportive, skin-friendly jersey with sporty mesh. The underbust band is comfortably wide and elastic.

Nike Alpha Ultrabreathe

Nike Alpha Ultrabreathe


Order here: Alpha Ultrabreathe by Nike (54.95 €)

The Alpha Ultrabreathe from Nike offers a strong hold for the breast tissue during boxing and the like. The so-called Dri-FIT technology ensures a pleasantly dry feel thanks to its high moisture transport. Flat, low-friction seams protect against chafing and strategically placed mesh inserts ensure pleasant ventilation. The straps are adjustable and the racer back allows you to move freely.

Adidas Ultimate Alpha Adi Aeroready

Adidas Ultimate Alpha Adi Aeroready


Order here: Ultimate Alpha Adi Aeroready by Adidas (49.95 €)

Stylish sports bra for great support made of hard-wearing fabric with moisture-regulating and quick-drying technology for a pleasantly dry feeling. The wide, elastic underbust band and the pre-shaped cups are elegantly sewn in at the front. The straps are pleasantly wide and can be adjusted as required. By the way: Kickboxing as a whole body training is awesome!

Do i have to wear a sports bra?

A clear answer: yes! Exercise is good for your body, but every movement is a stress test for your bosom. Because the breast tissue does not consist of stable muscle fibers, but of sensitive glands as well as soft fat and connective tissue. This gets a lot in motion during sporting activities: the breasts bob up and down by up to 9 centimeters while jogging – per step! So if you ran a kilometer, your bust would have covered 85 meters. We haven’t even talked about burpees.

It is clear that such a load does not leave the skin and tissue without a trace and is the most important reason why a good sports bra is the be-all and end-all. After all, it can reduce chest movements by up to 70 percent. Especially when jogging, it is important that the bra provides good support. But even with gentler movements such as yoga, it is of course more comfortable if the breasts remain in place.

What if I am not wearing a sports bra?

During sport and other everyday movements, centrifugal forces act on your connective tissue. Especially in your chest, the supporting tissue is rather weak anyway. It can even tear if subjected to greater stress. This hurts at first – and in the long term promotes stretch marks and sagging of the bosom.

Do only women with large breasts need a sports bra?

Women with small breasts often think that they don’t necessarily need a sports bra. Depending on the intensity of the training, an A-cup can also start rotating a lot.

Even if a small breast does not hurt as quickly as a large breast after training without a sports bra, the following applies, as is so often the case in life: Prevention is better than aftercare. Because, as already mentioned, those who do without special training underwear promote stretch marks and sagging of the bosom.

Regardless of whether they are A or E cups: every woman should wear a special sports bra when exercising.

Jacob Lund /

Regardless of whether they are A or E cups: every woman should wear a special sports bra when exercising.

What is the difference between sports bras and normal bras?

Material, cut and fit. A good sports bra can reduce chest movement by up to 70 percent. No everyday bra in the world can do that; If only because in terms of material and temples, it is not designed to support movement at all. It does not cushion sufficiently, and narrow straps, lace inserts and hooks quickly cut into the skin.

You will see the unsightly consequences of this as pressure points and abrasions and later in the form of traces of stretching in the skin and a tissue that slackens more quickly.

Checklist: 6 tips on how to identify a good sports bra

No matter what sport you are looking for a bra for. When trying on, please always pay attention to the following criteria:

  1. The bra should be skin-tight and thus ensure that the breasts hardly move during exercise.
  2. The band should be wide and tight, but not cut into it.
  3. The straps must fit snugly, must not slip or push.
  4. As a general rule, the wider the straps, the better the pressure is distributed, which is particularly important when you have a lot of exercise and large breasts. Wide straps distribute the weight of the chest over a larger area than traditional bras. This prevents strong traction and the resulting welts on the shoulders.
  5. Like other sports clothing, sports bras are made of special synthetic fibers that ensure that moisture does not accumulate but evaporates in a flash.
  6. You have to get used to the slight feeling of tightness (except with yoga bustiers). Because it is quite intentional that the chest is pressed towards the body. Of course, you always have to have air to breathe.

A sports bra is a must for every woman, during every workout, no matter how big the bosom or the level of exertion. So that the bra provides optimal support and is comfortable to wear, you should definitely pull out your cell phone again before paying and open our checklist. This way you can be sure that you are guaranteed to choose the right model.

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