How to find the ideal fitness ball

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one worry, we don’t want to offer you a new ball sport. An exercise ball, Pezzi ball (as the original is called) or Swiss ball is a great fitness tool. It can enormously enrich your everyday office life (also in the home office), your fitness training and your free time.

When used correctly, it relieves your back from sitting too much, enables an effective full-body workout and you can also do relaxing exercises with it, not only during pregnancy.

We explain how to find the right model for you here. And a little tip in advance for everyone who wants to get fit and slim without any equipment: Get our highly effective bodyweight training plan.

What should I look out for when buying an exercise ball?

No matter which ball it should be in the end, there are a few things you should consider before buying:

  • The right size is important so that you can exercise or sit properly with the ball. The easiest way to find them is with this table:
  • High quality material prevents the ball from catching a hole and suddenly shrinking with a hiss. You can recognize “space security” in terms such as burst-proof, burst-resistant or anti-burst. In addition, the material should not contain any plasticizers or BPA.
  • The surface best has your favorite color or is inconspicuous. You can also choose between smooth, rough or pimple.

What types of exercise balls are there?

Not all balls are the same. Depending on the material, strength and other criteria, the models are more suitable for the office, for at home, for workouts or even for pregnant women. Names like Swissball or Pezzi-Ball only say something about the manufacturer, in principle it’s about the same. Here we will show you the categories of exercise balls.

Classic gym balls for office and training

Exercise balls


Pezzi original exercise ball

Whether for Pilates, strength exercises or pregnancy exercises: the classic exercise ball can provide you with a great full-body workout. If the surface is not smooth but rather rough, you have more grip during the exercises and do not slip off as quickly. On the other hand, not so much dirt collects on a smooth surface – useful if you want to use it as a sitting ball, for example in the home office.

The classic: Original exercise ball from Pezzi

Our tip: Exercise ball in the WOMEN’S HEALTH edition by Lukadora (€ 10.99)

Amazon bestsellers: Training ball from Bodymate

Massage pimples on the side

Exercise balls


Carnegie massage seat ball

There are exercise balls that are completely or with one side covered with knobs. When you move on them, they massage your skin and muscles. You can’t sit on them for long – at some point it will squeeze. But they are perfect for giving blood to tired legs again. They also offer an extra secure hold for fitness exercises.

Price-performance tip: Massage Gym Ball from Sportastisch

With ball cup: Carnegie Fitness pimple ball

Ball cushions are a space-saving alternative

Exercise balls


Togu Dynair ball cushion

Do you have too little space or don’t feel like the big ball? Then you can imitate at least a few of the effects with a ball pillow. That is because it is also filled with air and activates the spinal column. You can also use the wobble effect to intensify some fitness exercises. Nevertheless, you should alternate between a normal chair and a seat cushion.

The all-rounder: Dynair ball cushion Senso by TOGU

For athletes: Balance cushion from Sport-Thieme

Fabric seat balls for extra comfort

Exercise balls


Cooldot Yoga Ball

Are you a Pezzi fan, but don’t like the plastic look? Then you can buy a ball with a fabric cover. It feels more pleasant on the skin than plastic and looks particularly high-quality.

Made in Germany: Felt seating ball from Sitting Ball

Stylishly designed: Yoga ball from Cooldot

The right accessories for the exercise ball

Depending on how you want to use your exercise ball, you can also use certain accessories. The most practical gadgets are these:

Inflating is easier with a special air pump

Many suppliers deliver a pump directly. But it is not always of high quality and sometimes there is none. Depending on the opening, you can use a normal bicycle pump with a special attachment (but it takes a long time) or a special ball pump. With a foot pump, inflating the ball, which is a bit tedious, is even more pleasant.

Ball cups prevent the ball from rolling away

If you don’t want to move the stability ball a lot in the office or during training, you can get an extra ball cup. It still offers a bit of freedom of movement, but the ball can’t just slip under your butt.

The most common questions about exercise balls

If you know which exercise ball is right for you, there are still a few things to consider. So that you can get the most out of your seating ball, we answer the most common questions here:

How much weight can a sitting ball withstand?

Exercise balls are usually more robust than they look and are also tested for their resilience. Often the official maximum weight is at least 100 kilos or more. Nevertheless, when buying, pay attention to the weight information so that you do not damage the material in the long term.

Can the exercise ball burst?

You don’t have to worry about the ball popping like a balloon underneath you and injuring yourself. The special material from which the exercise balls are made would lose the air slowly if damaged, like a leaky air mattress. So: no danger!

Can I replace the office chair with a sitting ball?

Sitting balls are much more dynamic and challenge your back muscles more than an office chair. However, you shouldn’t completely replace the chair. Because your back is also happy when it can loll comfortably on the armrest. Variety is the magic word. We therefore recommend that you sit down on the desk chair after 90 minutes at the latest.

An exercise ball is an uncomplicated tool that offers you many options to make your everyday life healthier and back-friendly. Do something good for your body by using it to sit, do pregnancy exercises or workout.

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