How hiking clears your mind

Lace up your shoes, shoulder your rucksack, set off. Hardly any other activity is as simple, as intuitive as hiking. We run off and follow the path, our instinct, the most promising branches – up to the summit, into the forest; without pressure to perform, but full to the brim with endorphins.

Without any fuss and chichi

Admittedly, it might sound a bit pathetic when we claim that when we go hiking, we are not only traveling externally, but also internally. But that’s exactly how it is. If you go on a hike, in the best case scenario you don’t just arrive, but at the end of the path you will be someone else. Tired and maybe even exhausted, but stronger, clearer and happier than before. The nice thing about hiking? That it works without any fuss or chichi. In nature you don’t need to prove yourself, compete with others or set best times. Hiking is all about you, your inner compass and the path that lies ahead.

Preparation is half the way

How you do your route is a matter of type. Are you one of those people who plan everything from start to finish and strictly adhere to what the hiking map says? Or are you one of those who like to drift and take detours when the winding path to the forest clearing just looks nicer than the route dictated by your GPS watch? Regardless of which type you belong to – you should never set off without any preparation, because even the most experienced hiking professional never sets off without a minimum of preparation. These include:

  1. Perfect footwear: Nothing makes a hike as excruciating as the wrong footwear that pinches and builds up the heat or has too thin soles. For the TERREX SWIFT R3, adidas came up with an upper material with a GORE-TEX membrane so that your feet stay dry inside and out. Whether you are on easy or demanding hiking routes – the shoe is a great all-rounder and designed for maximum flexibility and stability. The midsole is designed in such a way that your metatarsus has extremely good support – even when the ground demands everything from your feet. Also important: Sufficient grip and special protection for the forefoot. When looking at shoes for your upcoming hike, make sure that the shoe is not too heavy and offers good lateral stability. The TERREX SWIFT R3 meets all of these criteria and even looks good. Quasi the perfect hiking shoe with a cool trail running look.
  2. Sufficient provisions: Have you ever enjoyed a snack on the top of a mountain? Let your gaze wander over the mountain ranges and a hearty snack is really priceless. You should also take power bars, bananas and plenty of still water (preferably one with a lot of magnesium) with you. For particularly long hikes or when the sun is burning, a water bladder is also useful, from which you can comfortably drink through a straw while hiking without having to take off your backpack every time.

  3. The right clothes: Hiking is unpredictable in that we never know if and how the weather will change. Especially when we are out and about in the mountains. You will be amazed how much the temperatures differ from the summit and valley and how hot the mountain sun can burn after you step out of a cool piece of forest. Therefore, well-air-conditioned clothing is an absolute must. Our tip: The MYSHELTER Gore-Tex ACTIVE JACKET from adidas – super light, super functional and therefore easy to stow in the backpack. Wind and weather stay outside thanks to its three breathable, waterproof layers. Important: hood, waterproof zippers and easily adjustable cuffs. Also great: the jacket has ventilation slots, which you especially come to appreciate on strenuous climbs in the mountains.

Whistle on the calorie balance!

When it comes to fitness training, hiking will give you new ideas. Or rather, hiking silences your thoughts. At least if you do it right and let go of any brooding about fat burning, the optimal heart rate or tight thighs. It is often these thoughts that inevitably accompany us when we play sports and ultimately steal a little bit of joy from every great activity.

Don’t worry, hiking makes you really fit; and by the way. You burn just as many calories per kilometer as when jogging. Small calculation example: The calorie balance after jogging 6 kilometers in 30 minutes is about as high as that after a two-hour hike. And you don’t even have to be particularly brisk for that. The natural bumps and climbs make for a pretty brilliant workout. Example: 100 meters of pure ascent burns an average of 50 calories.


Hiking makes you fit – without question. And by the way, while our thoughts are on more important things than our heart rate or calorie balance.

Those who hike get to know themselves better

Enough of it! Because none of this should be the primary intention of your hike. Much more important is what happens in the head and heart while hiking. In other words: if you hike, you get to know yourself better, and sometimes you are not allowed to think about anything or that which otherwise too often does not have the time. Because: whoever moves his body also gets his mind in motion. It is not uncommon for us to come up with the best ideas while hiking.

The fact is that the movement outside triggers something in us that we neither experience on the treadmill nor in the yoga classroom – namely the connection to nature that resets us, refueling us, and making us quiet. And that is not a lame phrase, but has now even been proven in studies. At the forefront are Japanese scientists who coined the term “Shinrin Yoku”, which means “forest bathing”. What is meant is the conscious inhalation of the forest atmosphere and the resulting positive effects on the human body.

Forest air – a healing drink to inhale

The reason for this is mainly due to the so-called terpenes – secondary plant substances and essential oils that are released by trees, shrubs, plants and even the forest floor and that we absorb through our breath and skin; With a fascinating effect, as scientists were able to determine: In male test subjects who only spent one day in the forest, the concentration of the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline fell by 30 percent (in women by 50 percent); after two days in the forest, the value fell to 35 percent (in women even by 75 percent). At the same time, the number of natural killer cells in the blood of the test subjects increased by more than half and the effect even lasted for up to 30 days. According to this, forest air should be like a healing drink to be inhaled.

Offline luxury at its best

But it’s not just the terpenes that make us so good when hiking and make us pause. There is seldom WiFi on the summit and anyone who has closed their eyes in the middle of a deep forest will know the shiver that comes over you in the absolute silence. That is exactly what we need much more often: silence, retreat, take a deep breath. Without any selfie, likes or blue ticks. Without comparisons, unrealistic ideals of beauty or performance. Just you and nature. Offline luxury at its finest, which is also completely free. Treat yourself to it again!

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