Five Yoga Stretching Asanas Suitable For Beginners

With the increased incidence of muscle and joint pain, the Yoga is a discipline that is gaining a lot of attention, since is created to connect the body and mind, reducing tension and relieving symptoms of stress and anxiety.

For that reason, if you are interested in getting into this sport, we are going to teach you five asanas that will help you get off to a good start and will not pose a great challenge.

Tree pose, to gain balance

The benefits of tree pose in yoga

The tree pose is perfect to start gaining balance, so that you can progress later towards more complex and advanced postures.

To do it, anchor one of your feet to the ground while flexing the knee of the opposite leg and supporting its respective sole of the foot inside the thigh which is extended.

While, face the palms of your hands against each other until you are in a comfortable position and take advantage of to breathe deeply eight to ten times on each leg.

Child’s posture, to promote rest

Balasana or child's pose: calm and comfort as self-care

The child’s pose is used as a resting asana at all levels.

It is perfect to carry it out before to sleep It can help you reduce stress on your back, but you should avoid it if you suffer a knee or hip injury.

To do it, kneel down trying to bend your knees as much as possible, and flex your too hips trying to get your hands to reach as far down the ground as possible.

Triangle pose, to stretch the sides

Triangle pose: how to do it and benefits - Photo 1

The triangle pose is perfect for stretching the muscles of the hip and the back.

To do it right both knees must be extended and we will try to reach one of our feet with their respective hand, while the other tries to gain the maximum possible height and we keep our torso open for it, without arching the back.

Take five to ten deep breaths, and when you finish, switch sides.

Seated pincer pose, perfect for the lower back

Seated forceps pose is perfect for beginners, since it allows the muscles of the legs and back to be stretched a lot, and specifically those of the lower back.

To do it correctly, while sitting on the ground, we will have to look forward to leaning forward, with the intention that our head touches our ankles.

For it, we will flex the hips and arch the spine but not the neck, and we will extend our arms to touch our feet.

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Upward facing dog pose to stretch the abdomen

To carry out the upward facing dog pose, we will keep our legs in contact with the ground and It will be from the hip when we begin to raise our body with the intention that our nose touches the ceiling.

By doing so, in addition to strengthening our arms, legs, shoulders and back, we will also favor the stretching of the anterior chain, and especially of the muscles of the abdomen.

The keys to the upward facing dog yoga posture

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