Fast Weight Loss through Supplements, 7 popular Weight Loss Supplements

Fast Weight Loss through Supplements, 7 popular Weight Loss Supplements
Fast Weight Loss through Supplements, 7 popular Weight Loss Supplements

If you look into some health magazine or browse some sites online, you will find different weight loss supplements that claim to show effective results.

Even though such supplements can be tempting, you have to consider specific rules while using them. Such supplements are designed for people who are obese or are frustrated with being overweight. Many companies manufacture such supplements and weight loss pills. However, you should use them only if they are safe and have no side effects. Such supplements can be used by both men and women above 18 years of age.

These days, overweight and obesity are becoming global problems. To deal with them, lots of options have come up. Some of them give short term results, while some of them provide long term results. Other than the exercise and healthy diet, many people use weight loss supplements to achieve their short term goals. Its demand has increased all over the world. You can start using such supplements only after knowing the body mass index (BMI). To get effective results of such supplements, maintain less calorie intake diet.

Why Supplements Helpful for Weight Loss?

  • It helps to boost up your energy and speed up the metabolism rate. It is one of the most effective ways to increase metabolism without any health problem. It strengthens the functional muscles of the body and keeps you fit.
  • To get effective results, you should eat fibre rich food. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables whenever you feel hungry. When you opt for such supplements, it is necessary to avoid eating junk food.
  • Such supplements minimize hunger and control your appetite. As you start eating less food, you’d lose some pounds. Such supplements contain ingredients like Topiramate and Phentermine, which speeds up the metabolism rate and block specific metabolic pathways, causing weight gain.
  • There is not much physical effort involved in taking such supplements. You can take them quickly and notice a significant weight reduction within a week. As there is no work involved in making these pills, you will not get tired.
  • There are different supplements which are popular in the market for weight reduction. However, some people get scared of using them, thinking that they do not show any effects. It is necessary to make a careful research on such products and accordingly make the decision of buying the right one. You have to take great care before investing in these types of pills and supplements.
  • You don’t have to bring any change in your regular diet, and you can take them while continuing with the diet. Make sure you talk to the doctor before starting with such supplements.
  • The basic reason for people using such supplements is to lose weight as they help to reduce the pressure in a short period as compared to the exercise.

Seven popular Weight Loss Supplements

Even though different supplements help one lose weight, available in the market at an affordable price, buying such a product is not tricky, whereas purchasing the right one is something you have to think carefully. Take a look at popular supplements that help you lose weight effectively.

White Bean Extract

White bean extract (Phaseolus Vulgaris) is available in the form of a supplement. It effectively blocks the starch that causes weight gain. It protects the carbohydrates from getting converted into glucose which helps your body to stay in good weight.


It is another popular supplement that many doctors advise. The regulatory agency approves it of the UK Medicines and Health Care Products. It minimizes the excess calorie intake by reducing your level of hunger.


This substance is made from a plant commonly found in Asia called the Konjac. This supplement includes high fibre that keeps you full for a long time. It increases your water intake and burns away the unnecessary fat. You will feel light and fresh after taking this supplement.


Many doctors consider it as one of the powerful supplements manufactured so far. It focuses on the hormones in the brain that make you feel hungry. It controls your body from craving and boosts up the energy. It also increases the insulin level in the body and offers sufficient power to your muscles. This decreases the body fat and helps you stay fit in the long run. You get this product at an affordable price and is highly recommended by many doctors.


HCG is generally a hormone that women produce when she is pregnant. This type of hormone helps the fetus inside the womb converting the fat into sufficient energy. Nowadays, doctors use this hormone in promoting weight reduction. It speeds up the metabolism rate, control your hunger and reduces the stored body fat. It is available in the form of supplement, injection, and pills.


This supplement contains ingredients like Razberi-K and Evodiamine. It helps to burn unnecessary fat and increase the rate of metabolism. Such supplement act as a fat blocker and calorie cutter. It controls your appetite and shows effective weight reduction within a week. However, you are advised to use this supplement as prescribed by the doctor. It can cause some health issues if you consume it more than the recommended limit.

Bitter Orange

Bitter orange, also known as Citrus aurantium contains many weight reduction ingredients. It tones up your body, increases the muscle strength and improves the heart rate. Such supplement stimulates the fat-burning process and keeps you fit.

It is better to look for the weight loss supplements which are approved by the FDA. Talk to your doctor before buying any such supplement.

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