Facts about cabbage soup plan in Quick Weight Loss?

Facts about cabbage soup plan in Quick Weight Loss?
Facts about cabbage soup plan in Quick Weight Loss?

It must be said right at the beginning that there are no scientific studies on the cabbage soup. Its effectiveness cannot, therefore, be proven precisely.

However, it is the case that you will lose weight through cabbage soup. That is pure mathematics. The soup itself is shallow in calories. Even if you are allowed to eat it indefinitely, after a while, you get enough of it and don’t eat so much. Also, the daily calorie intake, if you look at the diet plan, is so low that you will almost certainly achieve a high-calorie deficit and lose weight.

How effective is the cabbage soup plan
How effective is the cabbage soup plan

The calorie deficit is, as always, the only reason why you lose weight on this Diet. The substances in cabbage do not stimulate the burning of fat, as it is propagated. So, it makes no sense to eat a lot of this soup, because the more you eat, the more fat you burn, the less fat you burn. The supplementation of the cabbage soup with a few other foods is positive in itself, but these foods seem to be very randomly selected. There is no coherent sense behind it.

As an example: Why is it allowed to eat unlimited fruit and vegetables on day 3 of the Diet, while on day 5 to 200 grams of meat exactly six tomatoes are permitted? That makes no sense. Furthermore, it should be noted that the Diet is only designed for seven days. Of course, you will be able to lose a few kilos, but you have to remember that most of it will not be fat. You will rather lose water and valuable muscle mass, as is often the case with crash diets.

And what happens after the seven days? This is not observed in any of the instructions, as most people have the yo-yo effect. So yes, in the short term the Diet will cause a minus on the scales, but not in the long run. Moreover, it is not very useful for our body. Let’s take a closer look at all the disadvantages.

Disadvantages of the cabbage soup plan  

Except for rapid weight loss, which is not particularly sustainable, the soup diet has hardly any advantages. Another positive point to note is that soup itself is a nutrient-rich, low-calorie dish that can be incorporated into your Diet. Otherwise however the disadvantages accumulate if one regards this Soup Diet from nourish-scientific view

There is no change in Diet

A change in Diet is still the key to sustainable weight loss. With the cabbage soup you will probably lose weight, but not permanently. If you eat again after the Diet as before, you will soon regain the lost kilos.

The Diet is too one-sided

Although sometimes some fruits and vegetables, as well as some other food, are allowed, the main focus is on the cabbage soup. Eating cabbage soup every day is of course very one-sided. Many people who have followed this diet report that they were disgusted with the soup after only 3 days. After the Diet, they could no longer see cabbage. One-sided diets increase the probability of not being able to keep up. Due to the limited choice of food, personal preferences are usually difficult to implement. And who would like to eat something every day that they don’t like?

Important nutrients are missing

The Diet in the cabbage soup contains far too few essential nutrients. On the positive side, there is lots of fruit and vegetables on the menu. However, far too little protein is integrated. The two portions of meat and a low yogurt and quark are simply too small to cover the protein requirement. What is also completely lacking are healthy fats. However, these are very important for the body and should be taken regularly. The vegetables in the soup and even the additionally permitted fruits and vegetables contain dietary fibres. But here, too, the amount is not sufficient to be fully in the long run. Saturating ballast materials from legumes and whole-grain products are entirely missing in this Diet.

The soup can be hard to digest

Cabbage is quite challenging to digest and can cause intestinal problems and flatulence in some people. You can try to prepare the soup with lots of caraway seeds to make it easier to understand. But even that is not enough in some cases.

Low flexibility

The nutrition plan is rigorous. Of course, the Diet is only carried out for seven days. But even in this short time, it can be very stressful if you cannot eat with colleagues, family or friends. Only going out for a meal or enjoying a cappuccino with friends is not possible. Of course, this reduces the motivation to stay with it.

No movement integrated

The best way to lose weight is through a mixture of a healthy diet and sport. Of course, you can also lose weight without exercise. However, if you want to stay healthy and look firm, you should make sure you get enough exercise. A diet where use is not addressed or where you would have no energy at all due to malnutrition cannot be recommended.

Conclusion of the effectiveness of cabbage soup plan in Weight Loss?

The cabbage soup is not a diet that can be recommended. There are far better and enjoyable ways to lose weight. The Diet is simply too one-sided and relies on illogical explanations. As I said, the soup simply cannot stimulate fat burning, no matter how much you eat. So, you better distance yourself from this Diet and make the cabbage soup, which tastes delicious, better as part of a healthy diet. Would the cabbage soup be something for you, or have you ever tried it? Leave a comment now! If you have any questions about the cabbage soup, please feel free to post them in the comments.

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