Defined arm muscles in 2 weeks: this is how you can do it

Arm definition in just 2 weeks – tight goal, tight program. But first the good news: The goal is absolutely achievable. The only requirement is that your arm muscles do not start from scratch, i.e. that you already have 1 to 2 years of experience with bodyweight and dumbbell training.

And of course, the workouts are tough, because 14 days is a very short time to reach a fitness goal. On the other hand, a real challenge can also provide extra motivation. After all, you can already see visible successes in 14 days.

Important! The 2-week plan is designed for an advanced fitness level and is therefore not suitable for beginners. Works for you? Then let’s go!

How do I get strong, taut arms in just 2 weeks?

You already have training experience and have a base of arm muscles. The only thing missing is the ideal guide to define your upper arms. So you can soon say goodbye to the excess fat on the back of your arm. With our plan, you will achieve this training success in just 2 weeks – provided you go through the tight program completely.

Specifically, you can expect 4 workouts per week – consisting of an upper body and a full body workout. Both workouts include exercises for the triceps, shoulders, and biceps. Why do we also challenge other muscle groups? Because we want to avoid overtraining and achieve maximum results.

For the first reason: For example, with specific triceps exercises, signs of wear and tear are inevitable if you perform them at too high a frequency. However, if we spice up the training with complex exercises that also challenge the triceps, we also let other muscle groups work in our favor. Speaking of large muscle groups: If you train them (yes, also and especially those of the legs), you burn significantly more body fat than with pure arm training, which in turn benefits your arm view.

How does arm training work?

To implement the training plan for strong and defined arms, all you need is your own body weight and a pair of dumbbells. None at hand? Then just get yourself a few plastic water bottles filled to the maximum (1.5 or 2 liters each). Even with these comparatively light weights, we will let your arm muscles burn a lot – we promise!

The 2-week training plan is the optimal mixture of fat-away effect and muscle building, especially on the upper arms. Targeted muscle building is also important when it comes to toning. Because an upper arm with functional muscles does not wobble around. Thanks to this clever approach, you can finally see success quickly without resulting in excessive muscle mountains. Strong, right?

Firm training, firm arms: Our sophisticated 2-week program offers stable workouts for fitness professionals who want to strengthen and define their upper arms. But now get on with the plan!

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