Corona shutdown: why jogging is the best sport for you now

nd lockdown again. Or rather: shutdown, because luckily we don’t have a curfew! But gyms are closed anyway. Anyone who does sport misses him. Others would like to start. But how?

Very simple: put your running shoes on and off! Because as I said: we don’t have a curfew. And running is, in many ways, the best sport you can do right now. In the text we tell you why, and with our 30-minute plan you can get started right away, even as a beginner.

Why is running the ideal sport in the Corona crisis?

Of course, you can also do a home workout at home during this time. But even that may no longer be enough for you at some point, and you will be happy about a supplement in the fresh air.

As long as there is no storm or hail, exercise outside is the best thing you can do to your body right now. And so that you get even more excited, here are the best watches for beginners.

5 reasons why running is the perfect sport in the Covid-19 pandemic

Even if you are not a staunch or experienced runner, there are good reasons to start running now. Here are the 4 most important:

1. You can train alone while running

Let’s start with the most important reason. According to the current state of knowledge, the coronavirus can be transmitted especially through droplet infection and aerosols, which is why the Robert Koch Institute recommends a safety distance of 1 to 2 meters from other people. This is easy to do while running. Probably because of that, running was such. B. also during the nationwide curfews in Europe expressly allowed everywhere.

Important: Run alone! Exception: a running partner with whom you live together. Otherwise, keep your distance from others and consciously give a wide berth when you pass other people. It is best to avoid popular running and strolling routes and times and run where there are few or, ideally, no people. In the forest you are safe from others – and others are safe from you. By the way: These are the best shoes for beginners.

2. Running strengthens your immune system

If you run, you not only train your cardiovascular system and muscles, but also your immune system. When you run, the secretion of killer cells and lymphocytes is stimulated. These are immune cells that are part of the white blood cells and protect you from the bacteria and viruses that cause infections and diseases.

Those who are physically active have more of these cells. This is one of the reasons why, depending on the studies, women runners are between 20 and 50 percent less likely to get a cold or flu than non-runners.

Important: Do not exaggerate. Those who train too hard reverse the effect and are particularly susceptible to infection in the post-exercise period (open windows effect). Especially with long runs or intensive training units such as continuous tempo runs or intervals, there is no hardening effect – on the contrary: strenuous training units and long phases with high loads put additional strain on the immune system.

The reason is the increased release of the hormones adrenaline and cortisol. The two stress hormones cause the production of the killer cells to drop below the starting level. An entrance gate is opened briefly for the pathogenic viruses through which they can easily penetrate. But since there are no competitions coming up in the foreseeable future, you can slow down the training with a clear conscience and work on your basic endurance.

3. Running improves your mood

The stress hormones just mentioned are also released when you are, well, stressed. And the current difficult and uncertain situation is nothing more than stress for many. Suddenly life is turned upside down, there are no longer any regular processes.

Running can help right here, because on the one hand it helps to clear your head and on the other hand – at a relaxed pace – it reduces the release of adrenaline and cortisol, an increased level of these substances is even broken down more quickly. In addition, the body’s own production of the anti-stress hormone DHEA is supported.

And one more effect can be ascribed to running and jogging: those who run stimulate the production of the hormones noradrenaline, dopamine and serotonin, which have a similar effect to a drug intoxication. This makes you less prone to mood swings and overall more optimistic and happy. So, just take it easy on the bad situation! Missing fitness training? This is how you train effectively at home.

4. You are outside when you run

It is a relief to come outside the door! Anyone who just sits in their own four walls and only leaves the house to get hold of a pack of toilet paper in the supermarket is at risk of becoming depressed in the medium term. The ceiling falls on your head.

And just like with a winter depression, couch potatoes lack sunlight. The body needs the sun’s radiation to produce vitamin D. This vitamin D, of which there should be too little due to the dark season, is of enormous importance for health and wellbeing. It enables calcium to be absorbed for bone building, combats muscle pain, improves endurance, ensures rapid regeneration and – very importantly – strengthens the immune system. It should be at least 15 minutes of daylight per day. Why shouldn’t you spend it running?

5. You can start running right away

Gyms, swimming pools, yoga studios – everything is currently closed. How long? Nobody really knows. You should therefore give running a chance now, even if you have previously found it to be a chore or a necessary compensation. Apart from a pair of running shoes and sportswear suitable for autumn, you don’t need anything and you can get started right away.

Even if it may be difficult at first – you are guaranteed to make rapid progress and notice that it gets easier every time. As a beginner, you should start with 20 to 30 minutes of brisk walking or, if that doesn’t challenge you enough, you should always alternate between running and walking – i.e. running for about 1 minute, walking for 1 minute.

Important: Note the ban on using sports facilities such as running tracks, soccer fields and outdoor gyms. Only if everyone obeys the rules can we slow down the spread of the virus and, on the one hand, save lives and, on the other hand, prevent more drastic measures. Once we have mastered this crisis together, there will be time again for competitions and running meetings.

When should I not go jogging during the Corona virus?

The fact that outdoor sports are safe with the necessary distance applies to healthy people. If you yourself have symptoms of illness – in the case of Covid-19, the main symptoms are a sore throat, headache, fever and cough – you should better refrain from exercising and seek medical advice.

Lockdown is annoying, but no reason to sit around. If you want to do sport, you have an ideal alternative with running: You are active outside alone, strengthen your immune system and get fresh air and sunlight. And you can start running right away!

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