Corona relaxation: this is how you can train now

When the number of corona infections increased massively in Germany, public life – and thus also sport – has been severely restricted since November 2020. Not only restaurants, hotels and leisure facilities such as cinemas and theaters, but also fitness studios and swimming pools had to close.

Thanks to the falling incidence, it is now possible to train in the gym again in some federal states. Now there are easing in many places. What will this make possible again? Here we briefly summarize the changes for you.

Which corona rules apply now, which sport is allowed?

Since the end of May, non-contact outdoor sports in small groups of a maximum of 10 people have been allowed throughout Germany. If the corona numbers continue to fall, the decision on easing rests with the individual federal states.

How long are the gyms closed?

That depends on the respective infection situation in the respective federal state. Since the number of infections is falling as desired, fitness studios and other leisure facilities are already open again with restrictions in individual federal states. You can find a detailed overview in the next section.

Which rules apply to sport in my federal state?

Similar but different rules apply from state to state. They are briefly summarized here:

Baden-Württemberg: Outdoor sports with no more than 5 people from a maximum of 2 households are permitted. Fitness studios remain closed for the time being until opening level 2 is reached, then training with a negative test and mask is possible again.

Bavaria: Gyms are allowed to reopen if the 7-day incidence is below 100. The prerequisite for this is a prior booking of an appointment and a negative test certificate. If the 7-day incidence is below 50, no further test evidence is required.

Berlin: The gyms will remain closed for the time being. Outdoor sports in groups of up to 10 people are possible with a negative test.

Brandenburg: With a 7-day incidence of less than 100, fitness studios have been allowed since 01.06. to open again. This requires appointment bookings and negative test certificates.

Bremen: Since May 31st, fitness studios have been allowed to reopen under hygienic conditions. Only 10 people are allowed to stay in a room at the same time and the minimum distance and the mask requirement must be observed.

Hamburg: Training in fitness studios is possible again if the test is negative and a minimum distance of 2.5 meters can be maintained. Here, too, you can only train with 1 person / 10sqm.

Hesse: Gyms may open under certain conditions. For example, an appointment must be made and only one person is allowed in an area of ​​40 square meters.

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: The gyms are open again. You can train here with an appointment, test and a person limit of 1 person / 10 square meters.

Lower Saxony: The gyms in Lower Saxony have been able to reopen since May 10th. Here, too, you can only train with 1 person / 10sqm and a negative corona test.

North Rhine-Westphalia: If the incidence is below 50, the fitness studios are allowed to reopen for people with a test and subject to compliance with the minimum distance.

Rhineland-Palatinate: Thanks to a stable 7-day incidence below 100, the gyms in Rhineland-Palatinate are also allowed to reopen. There is a test and mask requirement and there must be 40 square meters of training space per person.

Saarland: Training in the gym is possible with a negative corona test.

Saxony: Saxony also opens the gyms with an incidence below 100 for people with negative test results.

Saxony-Anhalt: In fitness studios in Saxony-Anhalt you can train again with a corona test and a limit of one person per 20 square meters.

Schleswig-Holstein: Fitness studios are allowed to open in Schleswig-Holstein, but special rules apply: If 80 square meters are available per person or only 10 people are in a room, you can train without a test. There is no limit to the number of participants for existing corona tests.

Thuringia: The 7-day incidence in Thuringia is just under 50, which means that fitness studios are open with compulsory testing and limited number of people.

Danger! This is a snapshot. Due to the volatile situation, rules can be tightened again or loosened further in individual cases depending on the occurrence of the infection. If in doubt, ask directly in the studio!

Can I just train at home?

You can and should of course keep fit very effectively at home during the lockdown. We provide you with the necessary know-how – including the training plans and equipment recommendations that are perfect for you.

Do I need equipment and weights for training at home?

No. Not necessarily. Because the best training tool is your own body. With the so-called Bodyweight or own weight training you train without any equipment – wherever you want. You can find our 8-week training plan here:

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The best sport in the world?

You read that right! Because we believe: right now is To run one of the best sports ever. And with our plan you will soon be able to do the 10 kilometers.

Even if not everything is possible: Sport is always somehow possible, and now much better than in February. W.or what are you waiting for? Download and start training!

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