Can You Lose Weight Doing Yoga? Yoga for Weight Loss

Can You Lose Weight Doing Yoga? Yoga for Weight Loss
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The necessity for weight loss and management is proliferating with an alarming increase in the rate of the obese population.

Obesity brings in a lot of health concerns and hence, the obese people are trying to find out more and more ways of losing weight. Natural methods are anytime preferable over the artificial ones because of the health benefits they offer and that too without showing any signs of side effects. This is what makes yoga accessible amongst the health-conscious group of people. To ensure its effectiveness, there are specific yoga steps for weight loss which needs to be followed.

Yoga Steps in Weight Loss

Indeed, yoga does not directly aim at weight loss, but a regular yoga practice can aid in weight loss. Yoga is an exercise for your body as well as mind. It thus brings about a lot of positive changes mentally, psychologically and physically that helps you in achieving your weight loss goals. The results are amazing when yoga is combined with specific strength training exercises, aerobics and but of course, a healthy diet. To derive these benefits, let’s have a look at the yoga steps for weight loss.

  • Self Analysis:

     Before you start with your yoga exercises, it is essential to do a self-analysis. The analysis is in terms of your overall health and weight loss goals considering specific factors like the age, health and weather conditions, eating habits, levels of your daily physical activities and your work schedule. E.g., an old age person might not be able to perform strenuous exercises, a knowledge of the work schedules will help you in deciding on the dedication of time for activities as well as the period of use. Knowing specific health condition will help you in keeping away from exercises that might raise the alarm for your overall health. In short, a proper self-analysis helps you understand your weight loss needs basis by which you can well plan your exercises.

  • Yoga Styles: 

    There are various styles in yoga ranging from gentle and relaxing ones to highly intense exercises. Ideally, it is recommended to adopt a combination of both these exercises to derive the maximum health and weight loss benefits. The gentle styles of yoga are used to empower your mind and gain control over your body. A significant advantage is, it is a great stress booster. The highly intensive yoga styles like the power yoga are the ones with high calorie burning efficiency. Once, you have done a self-analysis and decided on your weight loss goals, choosing the style of yoga becomes an easier task. Thus, it is essential to do a right and error-free self-analysis to make the right choices and derive maximum benefits.

  • Yoga Frequency:

     Irregularity in the performance of yoga will do no good for your weight loss and health goals. Consistency in yoga practice is a must. A daily yoga practice of about an hour is good enough and must to achieve your desired goals. Also, it is best to perform yoga with a combination of meditation, breathing exercises and yoga asanas. Whenever you feel like skipping a day out, remind yourself of the benefits that you can derive from yoga. This will assist in staying focused on your ultimate goals and performing the yogic exercises consistently. Another way of ensuring consistency is, you can always make it enjoyable by incorporating the practices in certain activities you enjoy and play daily.

  • Ahimsa and Satya: 

    These are the two main principles of yoga. Understanding Ahimsa meaning non-violence, helps you in relating the term to yourself. By doing this, you learn to make healthier choices for yourself. A straightforward way is to ask yourself if the food you are eating is healthy or harmful for you. It makes you feel suitable for the way you pamper and at the same time, take care of yourself. Satya meaning truthfulness, teaches you to be honest to yourself, especially while incorporating the Ahimsa principles. It also helps in understanding how the asanas make you feel about yourself. While you are honest to yourself, notice the increase in self-respect and confidence. It is the right way of motivating yourself and withdrawing from the negative thoughts and impressions for yourself.

  • Accepting Yourself in the New Form: 

    Yoga brings about a lot of positive changes in you which are not just physical, but psychological as well as emotional. You need to accept yourself with these changes. This is because if you return to your old version with the old eating habits, lifestyle, everything that you have worked upon is bound to come back, and the whole purpose is defeated. So, just remember that you have changed for better and accept those changes in yourself.

These are some of the yoga steps for weight loss, which you need to follow religiously, before as well after the achievement of your weight loss and health goals. All these steps only help in developing a positive “You”, with no place for negativity to touch any aspect of your life. All that is required is your strong determination.

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