Can meditation positively influence the practice of sport?

By improving the quality of sleep and muscle relaxation, meditating can have a beneficial effect during workouts, improving the level.

We have repeated and listened ad nauseam the importance of practicing sports daily and maintaining a healthy life and active to have an iron health. Sport provides both physical and psychological benefits, since it considerably reduces stress, produces serotonin and also improves our perception of ourselves. However, is it so easy to start playing sports and notice these positive effects or it is also necessary to work on another series of qualities that help us to develop the exercises and to concentrate?

Many professional athletes practice meditation as a complementary exercise to their regular workouts. What are the general benefits of meditation? According Nuria Díez, clinical psychologist and personal trainer, can be summarized as follows:

  • Reduces levels of stress and anxiety because it improves mental well-being, allowing you to face the day in a more relaxed way.
  • Improves the emotional stability and helps maintain a state of mindfulness and calm.
  • Relax the muscle tension.
  • Improves the sleep quality.
  • Improves the concentration and memory.
  • Improve the mood.

It can be seen in this series of benefits that practicing meditation regularly can have a beneficial effect on sports. How?

  • By helping to relax muscle tension, improves pain after training and promotes muscle recovery.
  • By improving the quality of sleep, It allows you to train better and promotes muscle growth, since it is during rest that the muscles grow.
  • By improving concentration It allows you to carry out more effective workouts, since the connection of the mind with the muscle being worked must always be activated.
  • .By allowing greater stress management and to give greater emotional stability, meditation helps that the ups and downs of sport (for not meeting objectives or goals) do not affect us psychologically in such a harsh way and it is easier to relativize and maintain constancy and spirit.

For all these reasons, even if you are not a professional athlete, it is worth giving a chance to meditation and find a few minutes a day to relax and clear your mind, in addition to loosening the muscles and prepare them for the rest they so deserve after training.

Source: Herald

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