Best Yoga Postures for Weight Loss

Yoga Postures for Weight Loss
Yoga with right Postures helps, achieve Weight loss Goals

Yoga with right Postures helps, achieve Weight loss Goals

Weight loss is always on mind, and hence, any weight loss option seems quite appealing and promising. However, instead of opting for artificial methods, it is better to opt for natural weight loss methods. Natural ways are those who help the body lose its excess weight in the most natural form, rather than resorting to any external or artificial means of weight loss. The yoga Postures for weight loss is the best way of losing weight most naturally. Yoga does not just concentrate on weight loss, instead focuses on good health and the overall well being of a person.

Information about Yoga

It derives from a Sanskrit word “Yuj,” which actually means to yoke, unite, or joint, is the origin of the word “Yoga.” Hence, Yoga is said to be an approach in the most holistic form to join the mind, soul, and body. Well, being is not just physical health, but also the health of mind and soul. Yoga works on all these aspects of well being and unites them to give you a feeling of well being. Yoga is all about harmonizing your body, mind, soul, and the internal system. It is the right way of rejuvenation and relaxation. It is all about learning to balance. You will find yourself at maximum peace once you have started practicing yoga. As you continue with the breathing exercises in yoga, you notice an improved concentration ability.

Yoga postures for weight loss for beginners

Weight gain is the outcome of several factors like the lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, stress, lack of sleep, and so on. Several weight loss options target these factors individually. There are just a few of them who consider all of these factors as one and focus all of those for weight loss. Yoga is one of the options that target all of the factors responsible for weight gain and works collectively towards weight loss rather than dealing with all of the elements individually. More than weight loss techniques, Yoga is the spiritual treatment or the healing process for the whole body. Also, the fundamental aspects of yoga can be applied in real life. It thus makes yoga a way of life rather than just a part of life. There are several yoga Postures for weight loss for the beginners as well as the experienced ones.

  • A daily yoga practice stimulates your metabolism. Increased metabolism means an increase in the rate of burning calories, and the more you burn calories, the more you lose weight.
  • Yoga is known for improvement in your blood circulation with improved postures. It makes you feel more energetic than ever.
  • Several postures in yoga revolve around the neck area or specifically around the thyroid glands. They are very effective for dealing with hormonal imbalance related weight problems.
  • The standing poses in yoga help in strengthening your muscles.
  • Meditation and breathing exercises play an essential role in improving your self-control ability. It keeps you away from all the negativity and gives a positive approach to weight loss.
Yoga Postures for Weight Loss
Several postures in yoga revolve around the neck area or specifically around the thyroid glands. They are very effective for dealing with hormonal imbalance related weight problems.

Tips on Yoga Postures for Weight Loss

  • Commitment: Yoga is not a rapid weight loss program that would give you instead results for weight loss. It is known to be a healing process and hence is a slow and gradual process. Therefore, commitment is a must to achieve the desired results.
  • Tie Breath to Movement: The movement helps you in achieving three essential goals: Breath control, improved oxygen intake and improved focus and concentration due to breath control.
  • Burning Asanas: You need to practice postures that produce heat. One of the best in these is the Utkatasana.
  • Repetitions of Sun Salutation: Sun Salutations increase the heart rate and metabolism. Hence, repetitive session of sun salutations should help in reducing weight.
  • Postures for improving digestion and elimination: Proper functioning of the digestive system is essential for effective food processing. Some positions improve the digestive system. The improved digestive system means proper processing of foods and less accumulation of food and indeed a weight loss.

Weight Loss Yoga Asanas

Several asanas help in losing weight. These asanas aim at targeting problematic areas. In this manner, it tries to kill the very cause of weight gain and thus, effect a weight loss. The asanas aim at strengthening and energizing your body, therefore, aiding in exercising much better and achieving weight loss. The asanas also help in detoxifying you. The following are some yoga asanas

  • Paschimottanasana
  • Ardhakapotasana
  • Trikonasana
  • Uttanasana
  • Ardhasarvangasana
  • Virabhadrasana

It is crucial to remember essential that for the effectiveness of yoga asanas, it is vital to follow a proper diet. At the same time, if you are undergoing any medications always consult a physician before taking up any of these yoga asanas for weight loss. Very rarely, you would find any side effects of the asanas; however, considering your physical condition, it is best to check with the doctor for the suitability of the asana. Results of the asanas are slow but undoubtedly positive for your overall well being.

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