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Nutrition, right Diet and exercise have a great influence on our body weight and fitness. Just because of that, we set our goal to create the most reliable and useful content on these topics. All our articles are written by experts and are based on scientifically proven data. Our team of nutritionists writes the articles, edits them and also checks them regularly to, maintain quality.

This combination has made us one of the most trustworthy sources in the fields of weight loss, nutrition, health and fitness.

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Health ProBox is a Blog that is 100% independent. This means that we have no sponsors and do not accept financing from outside companies. We just run google adds to generate revenue.

This allows us to ensure that the information published is current and not influenced by the commercial interests of other companies.


Our articles and information are always based on the latest scientific evidence.

Wherever it is not a matter of basics, you will find references. The sources we use are scientific studies that have been published in renowned journals and carried out by experts in their respective fields. Since scientific findings are constantly changing, our articles are also regularly checked for topicality and revised if necessary.

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Please note, however, that we cannot give you personal nutrition or training advice by e-mail, as a comprehensive anamnesis is necessary for this. For medical indications, always contact the doctor you trust.