Popular Weight Loss Ideas For Teenagers

Weight Loss Ideas For Teenagers
Healthy Weight Loss Tips for Teens

Life as a teenager comprises of college, friends, parties, and lots of fun. Being overweight as a teenager can lead to a decrease in self-esteem and being ashamed of going to any social events. Apart from this, excess weight can cause various diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart diseases in future. Hence, it is necessary to be in proper shape to avoid any future medical health complications. Here are few weight loss ideas for teenagers which can help them to stay healthy.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips for Teens


Most of the teenagers have a bad habit of skipping their breakfast. While going to school or college, they prefer having their meals with their friends in college or school. Remember, this habit can affect your body weight. It is not about where you eat: in your home or your college or school. It is all about what you eat, whether a healthy breakfast or an unhealthy one. A healthy breakfast will boost up your energy levels and keep you active for the whole day. It will also keep you full for long hours due to which you would stay away from junk food.

If you want to have your breakfast with your friends then you can carry your breakfast box along with you and have it with them. Breakfast should comprise of a high amount of fibre and some proteins.

Stick to Low-Calorie Beverages

As a teen, you quickly get attracted to sugary foods or sugary drinks. Every a can of soda or a cold drink nearly has 150 calories in it. To lose weight, it is essential to stay away from sweet teas, sugary sodas, sports drinks, canned juices, and high-fat milk. Remember, do not get rid of these sugary foods immediately. Start eliminating them slowly and gradually as our body needs time to accept the new changes.


Fruits serve as the best snack instead of chips, candies or any other unhealthy snacks. They help in lowering the calorie levels in the body. Fruits are rich in minerals, vitamins, and fibre which are all essential to keep the body healthy while you are in your weight-reduction plan. Losing weight is not the only important thing you should aim for but losing it healthily is more important. Include fruits along with your meal, or you can have them during breakfast. The fibre-rich fruits will keep you full for a long time and also keep you active for carrying your daily routine.


As a teenager, you must sleep for minimum eight hours at night. Those teens who sleep less than eight hours eat more junk food or other high-fat foods. So, increase the amount of sleep you take to reduce the high-calorie food intake.

Exercise Daily

As a teenager, you need to do a 60-minute physical activity per day. Physical activities like playing sports, jogging, riding a bike, etc., can keep your body moving. Avoid going to any fitness centre as the gym equipment are not suitable for teenagers, but are made for adults. The physical activities can help you maintain your body’s weight and stay healthy.

Be Smart

You have to be smart while you are eating any food, whether it is a packed food or outside food. Read the labels and content on the food packet as well as the calorie content mentioned on it. Stay away from the high-calorie food products or sugary foods like the fructose corn syrup. Sometimes, you can treat yourself with some junk food when you are with your friend. Do not order anything like a super-sized meal, instead order for a small meal which can make you happy as well as satisfied. You can go for diet sodas instead of the normal ones which are made specifically for the dieters.

Be in your Limits

Teenagers like to explore their food and enjoy having it. Hence it would be harsh to restrict them eating junk food. It is okay if you eat junk food occasionally, but not after every two days. But remember to be in a limit as junk foods can be harmful if consumed in excess. So, enjoy your meal in your limits to stay away from the excess fat deposits.

Other Easy Ways to Weight Loss As a Teenager

  • Make water your best friend. Carry a bottle of water wherever you go, in your college or school, as it is necessary to stay hydrated for effective weight loss.
  • Avoid taking white foods like white rice, white bread, and white grain pieces of bread as they lead to weight gain.
  • Do not watch TV while you have your meal as the more you concentrate on your food, the easier it gets digested.
  • Make sure to take your dinner at least three hours before you sleep as this would digest the food until you sleep and will avoid any fat deposits in the body.

Weight loss ideas for teenagers vary with those for adults as teenagers need to be physically active for reducing the weight quickly.

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