7 Common Weight Loss Questions Answered

Common Weight Loss Questions
Commonly Asked Weight Loss Questions

Have a look and get a satisfactory explanation of some of the frequently asked queries regarding Weight Loss.

We all came across a moment in life when we realize we are not in shape, and we suddenly become conscious of reducung the extra fat on our bodies. So we enroll in the nearest gym, plan our dieting regimen, buy a new pair of sneakers and commit ourselves to a healthy start. But before we begin the modern lifestyle, there are many unanswered queries which we would like to answers. Everyone can not afford to hire a personal trainer and dietitian. If you are one of such dieter, do not worry! We will provide you answers to all your weight loss questions on this page. Have a look and get a satisfactory explanation of some of the frequently asked queries regarding slimming down.

Commonly Asked Weight Loss Questions

1: How can I get to know if I am over-weight or under-weight?

Answer: Usually, there are set figures for males and females as to what weight category they should belong to depending on their height and age. However, there are many other deciding factors such as lifestyle, the kind of physical exertion you do, the environment you live in, and medical history. Basically if you have body mass index at level, that means you are typically weighed.

2: How does obesity affect health and well-being?

Answer: Obesity is a root cause of many critical health related problems such as high blood pressure, gout, diabetes, coronary diseases, stroke, lethargy, gall bladder diseases, pain in leg joints, weakening of hip bone, cancer, etc.

Is related exercise best for my body?

Answer: If you are an endomorphic person, then usually you need to go for rigorous work out routines such as running on the treadmill, work out on elliptical machines, jogging, extensive stretching, kick-boxing, dancing, etc. For an exomorphic person, basic exercises do the trick, and they can lose weight faster.
However, remember that you should at least once consult a gym trainer or fitness expert to examine your body type, food habits, and lifestyle and then decide your work out regimen.

3: Should I completely cut down on fat intake?

Answer: Even though fat accumulation is terrible for health can lead to weight gain usually are certain ‘good’ fat, which is essential for the body. They provide insulation to the body. Also, they help in maintaining supple hair texture and glowing skin. So you should not completely cut down fat intake. Consume healthy fats from fruits like banana and mangoes once in a fortnight.

4: How do salads help in the Weight loss?

Answer: Salads containing fresh, raw veggies such as broccoli, cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, radishes, eggplant, onion, scallions, lettuce, spinach, etc are very healthy. They contain a very high amount of dietary fibers and thus help in better digestion of food. They help in maintaining regular bowel movement and make sure the toxins are flushed out of the body. Fibrous food makes you feel full faster and for a long time thus curbing the habit of overeating high carbohydrate food. Also salads are very low in calorie count. Even fruit salads with strawberries, oranges, and other citrus food provide top nutrition with fewer calories. So this way salads help significantly in reduction of calories and turn weight.

5: How to avoid craving for tempting fast food and confectioneries while dieting?

Answer: The human body is like a child. The moment you tell it that it cannot have something, it will start craving for the same! But at the same time, as in case with the child, once it gets to a good habit, it will follow it for a lifetime. So it is obvious that you will tempted to eat fries, potato wedges, chips, wafers, cookies, chocolates, cream, burgers, cheese blocks, and other such high calorie-inducing foodstuff the moment you decide to diet. The first and foremost thing to curb this temptation is to practice self-control. Remember that it is just a moment’s happiness on the lips, but it will stay forever on your body. Secondly, never believe in the common misconception that healthy food always has to equal to tasteless food. You can make delicious low-calorie snacks such as shallow fried carrot fries, zucchini cutlets, tasty salads with low-calorie dressings, and devour on its flavor. In some time, your body will start liking this healthy food, and you will forget about these unhealthy fast foods.

6: Why is it essential to maintain a journal to note calorie count?

Answer: In one sentence, this query can be answered: To avoid cheating! Yes, we all cheat when it comes to dieting. The funny thing is that even we do not realize the extent to which we are cheating. For example, you might think that just one block of chocolate or just a bite of cookie will not make much difference. But now and then, by eating such high-calorie food, you disturb your dieting plan. So keep a journal and honestly enter every calorie you consume, and once you realize that your daily count is up, do not eat even a small bite of any food item, regardless of how tempting it may look or smell.

7: Do fad or celebrity diets help in a fast Weight loss?

Answer: yes, fad diets or celebrity diets such as lemonade diet/ low carbohydrate diet, cabbage soup diet, etc help in reducing your weight to a large extent. However, remember that this weight loss is mainly water and not fat. So you will gain it faster than you lose it. Also, these fad diets often have many side-effects, such as dehydration, bloating, stomach pain, lightheadedness, nausea, fatigue, and weakness. So it is advisable to avoid such short-cut methods of slimming down. Instead you should follow a regular diet and exercise regimen to stay in shape.

So now that all your weight loss questions are answered, get ready to work out and get back in shape! Remember that slimming down has no short-cuts. Just Remain stuck to a healthy routine, and you will feel fit all the time.

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