4 Best Weight Loss Advice

4 Best Weight Loss Advice
Weight Loss Advice to help you lose weight in a few Weeks

4 Best Weight Loss Advice to help you lose weight in a few Weeks

Nowadays, everywhere you will find the ongoing trend of crash diets, fad diets, going on liquids for almost seven days in a row, etc. Everyone wants to reduce fat in the shortest time span possible. However, be careful while following any weight loss advice. Because fitness should be your primary aim and not just the number of kilograms shredded by you.

Always keep in mind that no dieting or exercise regimen is useful unless you follow it regularly. There is no short-cut when it comes to staying fit. So stay away from fad diets and crazy celebrity trends and focus on a balanced, healthy fitness program.

Weight loss diet: Eat healthy food

Any dietitian or nutrition expert will tell you that fitness or slimming down has nothing to do with starving yourself. The more you starve your body, the more it will impair your metabolism rate and lead to a fattening effect. So remember to eat healthy food. Lots of green veggies, raw vegetables like cabbage, cucumber, carrots, radish, pepper, and broccoli provide a high amount of dietary fiber to the body. Also, they contain vitamins A, B, and C along with essential minerals.

Along with fresh veggies, fresh fruits also make a healthy serving. Citrus fruits like orange, sweet lime, and lemon provide vitamin C as well as calcium to the body. Watermelon and grapefruit are useful in hydrating the body. Even some of the fattening fruits like mangoes, custard apple, and bananas are, in fact, excellent nourishing replacements to processed foods.

Make sure you include high quantities of soups in your diet. However, if you wish to reduce weight, then say no to creamy soups. Never put cornflour and cream in the soup. Instead, go for healthy options like clear veg soup, peas and beans soup, tomato broth, and vegetable stock.

Even if you wish to lose weight, you cannot skip on fats and carbohydrates entirely. However, make sure you choose to eat healthy carbohydrates and fats. For example, instead of red meat, opt for lean meat. Similarly, instead of high calorie salted table butter, go for low calorie, unsalted soybean margarine. Replace white bread with whole wheat/ multi-grain brown bread and drink soy milk/ skimmed milk instead of full cream milk.

For healthy Weight Loss, Work out regularly and rigorously

Regular work out is a must for a healthy lifestyle. It is often seen that people follow diet plans religiously and yet cannot reduce as much fat as they wish to. This is because the human body needs rigorous exercise to burn off those stubborn calories and deposited fat. Make sure you do workouts such as running on a treadmill, jogging, skipping, cycling or dancing to burn the calories. Also to tone up your muscles and lose muscle fats, it is essential to lift weights. Weights also help in strengthening the body muscles.

You can also do other forms of exercise, such as yoga and pilates. These forms help you strengthen your core and increase the flexibility of the body. Regular physical activity also builds up the immune system of the body.

While it is prudent to work out rigorously, remember to lose weight, you should not tire yourself out. Extensive exercise without expert guidance can do more harm than good. So be careful with your physical activities.

Keep a record of your calorie intake for an effective Weight loss

You might think that you are keeping a strict check on your calorie intake, and yet at the end of the month, when you stand on those scales, your weight might not have fluctuated a lot. This could be because you tend to eat more than you think. So it is prudent to keep a journal and honestly enter the calories you have consumed with every meal, snack or even a small bite. This is going to be a rough estimate as you might not know the exact amount of calories in a particular food product. However, it will still be beneficial in keeping a tab on calories consumed. Also, note down calories burned down during your work out sessions. This way you can maintain the daily intake of calories to a set amount.

Want to Loss Weight? Say no to fast food

No matter how delicious and tempting the burgers from your favorite fast-food joint or the pack of wafers at the near-by vendors might look, you need to avoid all the temptation. Remember that these food items will take you further away from your regimen of losing weight. It takes an hour of rigorous work out to burn the calories consumed by eating a pack of chips. Fast foods like French fries, potato wedges, and banana chips are highly fat inducing. So not just people who wish to lose weight but also everyone who wants to lead a healthy life should avoid eating fast foods. Instead, you can opt for healthy snacks like oatmeal bars, carrot chips, corn flakes, sun-dried tomatoes, etc. These foods are not only healthy but are equally tasty too. Drink plenty of water

Some people might think that drinking water is not related to losing weight. The truth can not be hidden anymore. A healthy body needs to be hydrated. Workouts and physical activities drain the body of its water as well as electrolytes. This causes the body to weaken, and its metabolism is impaired. All this can significantly hinder the loss of extra fat and calories. Thus you should always drink enough water. Water also helps in detoxifying the body. Make sure you have an intake of at least eight glasses of water. Also make sure that you include water-based fruits like orange, sweet lime, grapefruit, and watermelon in your diet.

By following the weight mentioned above loss advice you can not only get in shape but also maintain your newfound slim figure. Just make sure you do not cheat when it comes to dieting, workouts and the result will always be in your favor. So go ahead and say hello to a new healthy lifestyle.

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