15 minute yoga for better cardio, strength and mental health

A yoga routine It can be a great way to combat stress and regain calm and peace of mind, but it can also help you gain strength, tighten your abs, and even get through your cardio session, all without having to spend hours training.

Many believe that the Yoga It is not a real workout, it is not something that makes you sweat a lot or that may be essential to increase muscle mass, but all that is a myth and you have to stop believing it once and for all (It actually has many benefits). There are yoga exercises that serve different purposes, from improving flexibility and mobility, to giving you the strongest core of your life, which is essential to be able to perform the rest of the “harder” exercises well.

The idea of ​​making a yoga routine It is not that you become a circus contortionist, rather it is doing a full body work that can help burn fat, create strength and resistance at the same time, in addition to that there are routines that have that extra element that is ideal for the mental health, and they can be done from start to finish in no time.

There is one routine in particular that takes only 15 minutes and is a good way to doing cardio, strength and mental health exercises in a single session that can be done anywhere and does not require special equipment (although if you are going to do it on a very hard floor it is a good idea to place a yoga mat or a towel to protect your back).

A yoga routine that includes strength, cardio, and mental health:

Cat / Cow Stretch – 12 reps

Stand with your hands and knees flat on the floor, exhale while arching your back outward and exhale as you arch your back down, taking deep breaths with each repetition, this will also allow you relax the mind.

Tiger curls – 12 reps

This exercise is more tough and dynamic than cat / cow, as you start from a high push-up, bring one leg up and back as you inhale, and then bend that same leg toward your chest as you exhale. This works core and shoulder strength, as well as balance.

Simple twist – 10 reps

This movement is also known as “the best stretch in the world”. You must make a lunge pose, lower your hands to the ground and stretch the same arm of the front leg up, turning with the head to see your hand. Then return to the starting position and repeat with the other side.

Stork / warrior 3 – 5 reps

The combination of these two poses helps speed up the heart rate, in addition to improving the balance and strength of the legs. For the stork pose, stand on your right leg and clasp your hands behind your back (as much as you can). The hands will stay there in the movements. Still with your right leg, stretch your bent leg back into a Warrior 3 pose to finish one rep.

Humble Warrior – 1 rep, holding the position for one minute (or as long as you can)

As soon as you finish the warrior 3 (hands still behind), land on your back leg and try to bring your shoulders into your front knee, placing your back foot at 45 degrees for a more intense stretch. This pose is ideal for leg strength, leg mobility hip and shoulder, and cardiovascular health.

Standing Split – 1 rep for each leg, holding the position for a minute (or as long as you can)

Release your hands and lift your back leg as high as you can, trying to bring your hands to touch the ground in front of you. Finish the minute and repeat with the other side, this will help with flexibility of the legs.

Sitting cross-legged / Sukhasana – 1 rep, holding the position for one minute (or as long as you can)

Cross your legs in front of you and place your hands on your knees to stretch your hips and lower back. You should breathe deeply throughout the exercise. This is a easy exercise for relaxation and meditation.

Spinal twist – 1 repetition on each side, holding the position for a minute (or as long as you can)

Lie on your back, pull one knee to chest and stretches the opposite hand to the other side of the body, rotating the head to see the tips of the fingers and trying to keep the shoulders glued to the ground. Finish the repetition, return to the center and continue with the other side.

Source: CQ
Sandra B. Lusk
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